Want to get the attention of fans Offer a free ticket to a concert through a special promotion. That’s certainly worked for Adidas.

PSFK has reported that the popular rap artist has offered an interesting exchange, providing a free show to a limited audience in New York in exchange for promotion through a special downloadable app provided by Adidas, as a tie-in for a forthcoming limited edition sneaker that will be released on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s how the promotion works. Fans that downloaded the special app, created an account, set up their New York location via Geotag and secured their sneaker purchase – then showed it to the proper folks at the Adidas store – were able to score a ticket to a special concert by the artist.

Such a crossover deal is a win-win for everyone. Fans are able to see one of the most popular artists around; West gets exposure with his new line of fashion wear; and Adidas benefits with a huge social outreach with the special Confirmed app, as well as drumming up attention for the special sneaker line, with a tie-in with West.

The event, dubbed the “Yeezy 750 boost” line, tied in with the official unveiling of the shoe line, which should happen this weekend leading up to the concert. It’s a unique way of electronically reaching out to fans, rather than the traditional means of advertising – and it’s a step in the right direction for the team at Adidas.

While many traveled a great distance to secure the shoes and the ticket – some even from New Jersey – others used it to their advantage, as one particular student was able to grab up to 12 tickets and secure a pre-order for “Yeezy 750 boost,” but intends to “flip” them for a sale of up to $850.

Still, you can’t argue with good promotion – and this will no doubt pay off in the long run for both West and Adidas. Those interested in the Confirmed App can check it out here {link no longer active}.