A lot of iPhone app makers seem to default to mimicking Apple ads for promotional videos.  Tapping into the familiarity iPhone users have with the often-aired TV spots, perhaps trying to draw some credibility for their products, makes the tactic understandable for independent apps.  Yet as in the case of Pepsi’s Amp Up Before You Score, even branded apps have done it.  Being the high-minded brand and design driven company that it is, Nike does not go there.

Nike has rolled out an iPhone app for its NIKEiD concept, where people can create custom color sneakers.  It s a concept less aimed at turf jocks than fashion conscious youth, and Nike s spot promoting the app reflects that.  It also shows just how nicely NIKEiD fits into an iPhone app, where not only can custom creations be shared with friends and ordered right through the phone but the iPhone camera can capture usable colors.  The spot does an especially nifty job of getting the camera feature across.

Watch it at YouTube.