A lot of trends are popping up at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo – plenty of nostalgia in the air with the return of such franchises as StarFox and Shenmue, and new games like For Honor and Battleborn getting plenty of attention – but there’s one that’s clearly evident. Twitch has no problem garnering a huge viewing audience for its streaming activities.

The channel, which has more than 100 monthly million viewers, has managed to draw some big numbers when it comes to streaming press conferences. In fact, all six major conferences were viewable live on the site this week, including Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Nintendo’s Digital Event.

According to numbers provided by the company, Twitch averaged at least 500,000 concurrent viewers for each of the conferences, with a couple of them even managing to get at least 700,000 and 800,000 viewers. Although specific company numbers weren’t given (publishers usually provide detail on audience numbers from its respective press conferences), it points out that when it comes to the E3 Expo, the world is watching.

Twitch has also provided a full streaming schedule from the event, with a number of publishers, streaming celebrities and others discussing the E3 Expo to some capacity. Although numbers weren’t provided with these individual segments, the variety has no doubt kept fans pleased, whether they were checking out a game that was on the way, or hearing about an upcoming favorite from one of their admired streamers.

It just goes to show that the company has come a long way in covering the event over the past few years, providing a more in-depth look at what happens on the show floor, as well as what titles are making an impact. It’s not alone either, as YouTube has attempted to enter the gaming arena with its own live coverage at E3 – something that Twitch was quick to playfully acknowledge.

Of course, the event is still worth attending live, but the fact that streaming has all the bases covered – and to a great extent – is a sigh of relief for those who aren’t able to attend, mainly due to monetary or time reasons.

Twitch continues its live streaming from the event today, and all the action can be caught here.