If you thought the Flappy Bird craze, that consumed the lives of almost all mobile gamers (at least at some point) was finally coming to an end, you were wrong. Arcade Company Bay Tek Games has now decided to allow gamers to play on a giant display by introducing the first coin-operated Flappy Bird arcade cabinet.

According to Mashable, the arcade cabinet is 300 pounds, 91 inches tall and features a 42-inch portrait screen along with a big red button that players use to keep the Flappy Bird flapping. The cabinet is coin-operated and will dispense a certain number of tickets depending on how far you get. The game will also keep track of daily high scores and all-time high scores

Bay Tek Games’ website makes clear that this is a licensed game and that all trademarks were used with permission; the arcade cabinet includes Dong Nguyen’s (the developer of Flappy Bird) company name, Gears, on the Flappy Bird sign, which sits above the giant screen.

Bay Tek has no listed price for the Flappy Bird arcade cabinet as of yet.