We may be seeing a new trend with mobile games – studios teaming up with big stars to use their audience for instant acceptance of the game, while at the same time presenting an experience that will no doubt draw in millions of downloads.

It worked before, as Glu Games teamed up with Kim Kardashian on the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, which has resulted in millions of downloads and millions of dollars generated for both parties. Now, it appears that Glu is at it again, working alongside singer Katy Perry for a new mobile effort, according to VentureBeat.

Perry, coming off a very well received Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday (with the left sharks and all), will be the subject of a new free-to-play game, based around the performer herself. It will feature her “voice, likeness and personality,” according to the company.

Glu chief executive officer Niccolo de Masi stated that Perry is “arguably the most recognized musician in America. She is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience.

“We anticipate that Katy’s significant global audience, including more than 170 million fans on social media, will make her a strong gaming partner for Glu.”

The game has a release scheduled for later this year for both iOS and Android – and could be the first in a new trend of “hot hirings” for mobile games to come. That shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that the mobile gaming market is now nearing a worth of $25 billion, and a chunk of that came from the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Part of the reason for the success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is that it took an already successful game and revised it to fit with a star that had a huge audience. The nature of the game went very well with the nature of Kim Kardashian’s fans, and by working with a proven design the game was able to take off swiftly. It’s not just about finding a celebrity with a large audience; it’s about matching the right game to that audience.

Of course, it just makes sense. Stars like Kardashian and Perry have a huge following outside of the mobile world, and “gamifying” their experience into a mobile release guarantees that said audience will be along for the ride, along with those that were interested in the game to begin with. The hundreds of millions that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood generated shows that the formula works – and could pave the way for others to try their hand on the mobile market, provided their popularity is good enough.

And with 77.1 million followers on Facebook, 64.6 million followers on Twitter and 14.9 million viewers on VEVO, it’s a pretty safe bet that Katy Perry is, indeed, a firework for the mobile market.