Most of the time, streaming music companies rely on subscription services or special features to draw revenue. The competition can be fierce as a result, with companies like Apple, Pandora and iHeartRadio all fighting for a piece of the streaming music pie.

Google entered the fray earlier this summer with a free, ad-supported music streaming service, in its own effort to get involved. However, instead of relying on subscriptions or special deals to generate funds, it has something different in mind promotional partners.

AdWeek recently reported that Google, alongside digital ad agency Essence, have teamed up with a number of brands, including fashion retailer ASOS and health food prep site Munchery to make online radio available in a new, unique venue offline.

“One of the key features of Google Play Music are these stations that make whatever you’re doing IRL [in your real life] better,” said Jessica Igoe, Google Play’s head of global media and content partnerships. “These digital partnerships with ASOS, Munchery and others that we’ll be announcing are critical to reach music fans where they’re doing things that we think could be a little more interesting.”

The partnership has some creativity behind it. Google, working with ASOS, put together a shoppable look book that pairs outfits with music festivals and parties, with a link to a themed playlist streamed from Google s page.

Meanwhile, its partnership with Munchery ties in with certain meals, like a playlist called Happy Hour Country Radio that ties in with a yummy dinner that includes macaroni and cheese, along with fried chicken. The radio station lists were actually compiled by Munchery s line-up of chefs.

Eddie Revis, creative media and strategy lead for Essence, believes this is the key to successful music marketing. “Munchery listened to Google’s radio stations to pair it [with food], so it was human-curated their chef actually listened to the station,” he stated.

With this deal, Google is investing more in its music service, and hopes that it pays off in the long run. “Music is our priority within Google Play it’s the main focus area for the second half of the year,” said Igoe.

Whether it will be effective against Apple s streaming service or the leaders at Pandora has yet to be seen but this new twist could do some good for Google. And who doesn t like fried chicken