Even though Black Friday has come and gone, holiday spending continues to be going full speed leading into Christmas in just over two weeks, and Adweek has taken the time to summarize certain trends in shopping through an expanded infographic, which we’ve included below.

The National Retail Federation has already explained that a 4.1 percent increase has been expected with this year’s shopping habits, indicating not only good news for satisfied consumers, but also retailers as well, who are offering a various amount of details as the countdown to Christmas continues.

Out of 1,000 consumers surveyed by Retail, 73 percent indicated that mobile phones have played a big part in their holiday shopping, enabling them to go online and find what they’re looking for, without the need to deal with the hustling and bustling of department stores. (They still get plenty of foot traffic, however.)

Meanwhile, it helps to have a good shopping experience available online, which a number of retailers do. In fact, many have plenty of coupons and promotions to offer, with 40 percent making them platform-wide so that they’re much more accessible. “Consumers will put retailers to the test when it comes to the product mix and value companies can offer today’s shopper, who is focused on much more than price,” said the Federation’s president and CEO, Matthew Shay.

The stats broken down in the infographic below tell quite a few interesting facts, such as how much each consumer will spend on average over the season (nearly $805 apiece, with over half on family presents and a tenth on friends), and how many people actually enjoy it (59 percent of those polled) compared to those who aren’t fans of it (41 percent).

Mobile plays a big part in this, as 65 percent of consumers polled indicated that going to a shopping mall during a holiday season was along the lines of their “worst nightmare,” mainly due to crowds. Out of those, 20 percent preferred online shopping, just to avoid human interaction altogether — at least, to a shopping extent.

Out of those polled, 73 percent indicated that mobile phones play a huge part with purchases, while 42 percent believe that using a smartphone or tablet for such an option is more likely than it was the year before. That’s not to say that everyone is convinced, however, as 41.9 percent of those polled have security issues, thinking that mobile payment isn’t a safe and secure way to shop.

Other trends worth pointing out include getting free shipping with items (88 percent prefers this option) and doing pricing comparisons (a whopping 96 percent). However, some prefer the store shopping experience, with 61.9 percent going to discount stores, and 59.7 percent hitting department stores.

Finally, many believe that Black Friday is actually a meaningless activity, despite the fact that a lot of the year’s biggest sales take place on this date. 70 percent feel this way, and it’s not likely they’ll be convinced otherwise, especially considering most sales actually started on Thanksgiving night this year.

More stats can be found below, and they’re an interesting read.