Machinima is about to create a whole new wave of programming, thanks to a second investment with its recent partner, Warner Bros. Entertainment.

The company has given the online network another $24 million in financing, according to GamesIndustry International, which now puts its total of investment in Machinima to over $40 million. Warner, alongside other existing developers like Redpoint Ventures, MK Capital, Coffin Capital and Allen DeNBevoise, previously financed the network with an $18 million investment back in March.

As a result, Machinima’s viewership has been growing, with an increase by 70 percent in unique viewers. The U.S. alone accounted for a good chunk of this audience, tripling its usual viewer numbers. Diverse programming has certainly helped, including the debut of the Mortal Kombat: Legacy II series, which was an exclusive to the network.

“In 2014, Machinima regained our leadership position in the global digital video marketplace by focusing on our Talent Network and transforming our brand into one that is reflective of our content, our audience and our community of creators,” said Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein. “This additional funding will enable Machinima to accelerate our growth through increased investments in content and technology that better serves our audiences, advertisers, creators and distributors.”

Warner Bros. will no doubt play a huge part with the network’s programming, as it’s already lined up its new animated series Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles to make its debut later on this year. There’s no given date yet, but it’s likely to be around late summer or early fall.

So what does this mean? It means that Warner Bros. is becoming more serious about involving itself with a digital network, while Machinima improves upon its business model with a wider range of programming. We’re likely to see more collaborations between the two over the course of the year, particularly with tie-ins to Warner Bros. products, such as movies and video games.