The Madden NFL franchise has been a real monster for EA Sports over the years. First started back in the late 80’s on computer and Sega Genesis, it has since grown into one of the biggest sports franchises in the world – and this year’s release, Madden NFL 15, shows no signs of slowing.

The game, which is available today for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, mobile, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, provides a plethora of new options for players, including a revamped player interface that actually brings them closer to the action than ever before, with a more concentrated tackle system (utilizing “cones”), better defensive plays, and more.

In addition, there’s a lot happening off the field with this year’s game as well. Ultimate Team once again makes a return, providing plenty of Fantasy Football fans the opportunity to create their dream team with cards earned throughout the game. In-game packs are also available for purchase, should players feel the need to earn rewards a little quicker than actually earning them.

This year’s marketing campaign has also proven to be a boon for EA on many fronts with Madden. The company released the game early as part of a limited demo for its EA Access service on the Xbox One, enabling players to get up to six hours of time with the game five days before its release. The advertising angle has also taken a more unique approach this time around, with a more comedic approach rather than just in-game footage, featuring comedian Kevin Hart bombarding his friend Dave Franco with a series of challenges, officially kicking off what he proclaims is “Madden season”.