Building on the live action TV spots that launched Halo3 in 2007, Microsoft took a similar approach with ads for this year s pseudo-sequel Halo3: ODST.   This time there s a good reason Master Chief is missing: the TV campaign premise follows the new protagonist, a general infantry Joe, through boot camp and into his first taste of battle.  Much like the Niell Blomkamp video treatments trying to sell Hollywood on Halo, these live action spots do as much to whet the appetite for a Halo film as the games.  Maybe that’s somewhere in the back of minds at Bungie and Microsoft.

With amount of effort and budget that went into creating the ads, it s only natural for Microsoft to want to get more mileage out of them by creating a slick behind-the-scenes video.  It s a perfect companion to the other video we circulated today in [a]list daily, a filmed panel session discussing game video strategies.

Watch the roughly five minute behind-the-scenes video at Game Videos.