The Republican party has decided to pull out all the big guns and has created a free-to-play videogame to help promote its candidates.

In an attempt to regain a majority in the Senate, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has launched an online game as a way to “raise awareness in every possible way,” via

The free 8-bit game is called Mission Majority and it is really quite something. According to Variety, the objective of the game is to try to help a campaign get more volunteers while avoiding evil “Taxers,” deployed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama to foil your efforts and repress their high taxes. You can also mute the “misleading words” of “Mudslingers” and “escape their false and empty rhetoric,” all while controlling an elephant by the name of Giopi.

The game begins with Giopi saying: “Hi, my name is Giopi! I’m one of the GOP’s best volunteers for the 2014 midterms, and I’m here to show you how we can win back the Senate! There is going to be a lot of red tape and regulations in our way, but we need to overcome them in order to succeed.”

The NRSC is funding Mission Majority in hopes to elect more Republicans to the United States Senate.

“This year’s Republican Senate candidates are the strongest in decades (if not ever), and we want to raise awareness in every possible way,” the NRSC said regarding the game. “With that in mind, we are having a bit of fun with our approach.”

Naturally, the game is also meant to raise money for the Republican party, so gamers are given the chance to donate or purchase items or sign up to help the NRSC campaign.