Interacting with movies isn’t really that big a thing right now, even with Disney’s previous screening of The Little Mermaid where it invited viewers to “tweet along” with what was going on with the movie. However, Audience Entertainment could be introducing a new way to interact with the films people love.

With a new SDK the company is making available, audiences would be allowed to play along together, controlling actions on the movie screen with body motions.

Audience’s founder and CEO Barry Grieff, who brings big-time ad experience with his work at National Lampoon Magazine, Rolling Stone and Interpublic Group, believes that the idea comes from “a sea change in content creation,” shying away from the usual content in favor of better interactivity. By installing cameras that can track motion and sound, he believes that audiences can play along with certain experiences – and it’s not just limited to movie theaters, as concert venues and arenas can also take part.

The company’s software development kit enables third parties to create content for these platforms, which it plans to launch at the end of September during Advertising Week. Those interested in signing up for a kit can do so here.

This is the latest attempt to get audiences to “interact” with their movies, and while it’s too soon to tell if it’ll be any kind of success, it could very well get more people involved when it comes to pre-shows. Audience Entertainment already confirmed that it intends to bring the technology to 3,000 screens worldwide, thanks to a new partnership with digital cinema company Barco. No word yet on which theater chains will pick it up, but you can bet that some parties may be interested.

What do you think Are you ready to play along with the movies, or do you just want to sit back and enjoy the show After all, Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t going to play itself.

Source: TechCrunch