Facebook has already come a long way when it comes to native videos on its website, drawing a huge audience as a result. Now, according to a report from social analytics provider Socialbakers, it’s Twitter’s turn.

Initially reported by Adweek‘s Social Times page, the report states that, based on analytics from the 500 largest brand profiles on Twitter for the first half of the year, two facts have clearly emerged:

  • Native videos are about to surpass videos shared from YouTube.
  • Brands are posting slightly more videos from Periscope than from Vine.

As you can see from the first chart above, YouTube videos have had a strong lead when it comes to videos posted by the top 500 brands out there. However, there’s a strong indication that Twitter has seen a rise, going from around 500 at the start of the year to 1,200 — and closing in on YouTube’s figures. Meanwhile, Vine and Periscope videos seem to be going neck-and-neck, following what appeared to be a large gap between the two at the beginning of the year. Both now sit around the 300 mark.

This second chart has a story to tell as well. Based on interactions on videos posted to Twitter by the top 500 brands over the six month period, there’s been very little difference, although native videos on Twitter seem to have a strong hold. Across the six months, the popularity of these videos have shown, going anywhere between 62 percent and just over 70 percent. Meanwhile, YouTube video interactions have only been in the ten to 20 percent range, while Vine videos have grown to about the same level as they started out at the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, Periscope video interactions are growing slowly but surely, with July 2015 showing about a four percent mark — higher than at the start of the year.

While it’s unknown if  Twitter’s native video division could be as popular as Facebook’s, these numbers are bound to be music to a few marketers’ ears.