Netflix has done a stellar job producing original content for its streaming service to keep its millions of subscribers happy, such as House of Cards (which enters its third season this month), Orange Is the New Black and Marco Polo. However, if reports are true, it may have just made its biggest acquisition to date. Yes, even bigger than Arrested Development.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company is hard at work on a series based on Nintendo’s best-selling franchise The Legend of Zelda. This live-action series would feature characters and locations based on the popular game series, and would feature a tone similar to Game of Thrones, but with a family-based approach, according to someone close to the project.

This would be a beneficial move for both Netflix and Nintendo, if it is in fact true. Netflix would benefit from having a hearty franchise joining its already large line-up of original programming, while Nintendo would be able to tie in the series with its forthcoming Wii U Legend of Zelda release, which was heavily hyped at last year’s Game Awards with the first video footage of gameplay. This footage can be seen below.