For months now, Periscope has dominated on the live-streaming front. Ever since Twitter introduced the competitive app a few months ago, it’s been a big hit with fans, even getting to the point that it easily eclipsed its biggest competitor, Meerkat. But now, it appears that Twitter could be bringing the application to a whole new audience Apple TV viewers.

A report from TechCrunch suggests that Periscope is hard at work on a new app devoted to Apple’s newest version of its TV-connected device, allowing users to watch live streams straight from their television a far cry from having to do so on smaller mobile devices.

This ties in with today’s Apple TV announcement, which comes with an Apple TV App Store featuring a number of applications produced by third party developers. While games are set to take the big focus with the store, that doesn’t mean that other types of services can’t be introduced and that’s where Periscope’s app fits right in.

Periscope previously made live streams viewable through a computer (desktop of laptop) without the need to set up a broadcast channel, so chances are the application will work the same way, with the ability to easily locate favorite steams by country (and region). With 10 million registered users (and climbing), there should be no problem finding content to watch even though some it may be questionable, like illegal live streams of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight from earlier this year.

The Periscope app could very well provide a new way for Apple TV to draw in consumers, as it would provide so much more than the routine streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. With its large live viewing community (as well as an array of broadcasters), it could easily expand its audience, especially those who want to watch its streams on a bigger format. Other services could also be introduced perhaps even a way, sometime in the future, to broadcast from the Apple TV device with games. (Granted, a camera would be necessary, and there’s no word yet if the new device would be compatible with those.)

Regardless, it appears that Periscope could be ready for a new kind of show and you can bet people will tune in.