NativeX is ready to launch a service for “psychographic” targeting.  The mobile advertising company considers the approach to be “the most precise demographic targeting technology to date,” with hundreds of thousands of attributes compared to the one or two that most mobile ads take.  NativeX collects data through anonymous surveys, but it says its method can work without user-submitted data and has shown 500 to 600 percent increase in CMP for advertisers using it.

The team described the technology to TechCrunch: “Imagine you are a poster vendor, and you’re presented a class of 100 high school girls who are interested in buying posters. You can give out a catalogue of Justin Bieber posters (because he’s a hot ticket) and you’ll land 20 customers who will buy multiples, but you’re losing out on the other 80 because you don’t know what they like.”

“NativeX’s smart engine examines various elements about all 100 girls and finds out what each of them like. Instead of sending out one Justin Bieber catalogue to the whole class, you give out catalogues that target each student’s interests. You’ll hit not only the power buyers, but also the students who receive catalogues relevant to their interests.”

No word yet on when the program will launch, but it’s likely to go through testing first.

Source: TechCrunch