Traveling is certainly one of the better joys when it comes to certain people. What better way to kick back and take it easy than visit a popular tourist location or an island getaway, just to step away from the norm Well, it turns out it’s quite popular online as well, according to a new study from Ipsos MediaCT, conducted by Google.

According to the study, two out of three consumers in the United States watch online travel videos when they’re pondering whether or not to take a trip. It’s actually at an all time high as of late, with travel-based content reaching 118 percent year over year, from last year’s numbers.

Mobile devices play a big part when it comes to watching these videos, according to numbers from last year. Roughly 30 percent of all travel video views came from said devices, with 97 percent on smartphones and 205 percent on tablets, from year over year statistics.

It appears that 88 percent of YouTube travel searches focus on certain destinations, attractions and points of interest, along with general travel ideas. Destination names lead the charge on YouTube, while travel brands are more popular on Google, with general travel inquiries, local attractions and  travel products sitting firmly in the middle.

Travel-related branded videos also show a huge spike in popularity, with 67 percent of the general audience looking for professionally released videos. Meanwhile, branded videos in general are on the rise year over year, with a 394 percent increase. These include such sites as Turkish Airlines, Disney Parks & Resorts and Expedia, amongst other places.

Connection plays a big part with these videos, as subscriptions to travel channels on YouTube have shown a massive increase, approximately 106 percent year-over-year. Out of this group, 86 percent watch longer videos per view than non-subscribers.

Out of travel channel subscriptions, travel vlogs score the highest with 48 percent of the total audience, followed by official travel brand channels, travel tours and footage, reviews and how-to content, and official travel networks and publications. Vlogs seem to be the main kind of site that people identify with, since they’re so personable.

So… who wants to go on a trip?

Source: Think With Google