Vodafone has an interesting TV spot being run in New Zealand called Vodaone Symphonia.   The mobile phone carrier enlisted musician Jol Mulholland to create an orchestra using the ring tones from 1,000 cell phones.  Mulholland built a sound wall with the phones and used 53 different ring tones to compose an electronic version of Tchaikovsky s 1812 Overture.

Vodafone has released behind-the-scenes videos to show that what people see in the ad wasn t just a gimmick.  The making-of video shows the very real and elaborate production, including all the cell phone charging, to pull off the minute of music seen in the ad.  Both the TV spot and the making of videos are getting nice traffic on YouTube, with more than 360,000 views for the ad and about 73,000 wowed enough to check out the first of two behind-the-scenes.

Watch the spot at YouTube.   Check out making-of videos part 1 and part 2. {links no longer active}