has had no problem becoming the broadcasting channel of choice with video games, with an estimated 45 million visitors using its service each month, whether for viewing or broadcasting. That said, it’s got a lot of preparation ahead as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles launching next month will use Twitch services to some extent.

Consider its future secured, though. The company has managed to secure a $20 million Series C investment through Thrive Capital and Wet Summit Capital, as well as a partnership with video game company Take-Two Interactive Software, who recently reported record sales of Grand Theft Auto V.

“Gamers today have a healthy appetite for both producing and consuming live video game content, so it’s vital that we’re not only keeping pace with them, but staying one step ahead,” said Twitch COO Kevin Lin. “With the investments from Thrive Capital, WestSummit Capital, and Take-Two Interactive, it ensures we can more effectively grow and tap into new markets.”

“Given the excitement surrounding Microsoft and Sony’s upcoming video game consoles, Twitch will be in a lot of living rooms this holiday season,” added Lin. “Their intuitive and accessible integration of Twitch removes the barriers to entry which casual broadcasters currently face, so we expect traffic numbers to soar when these consoles launch. The trend of video game based content as entertainment is not only here to stay, it’s becoming a critical part of the holistic gaming experience.”

“Twitch is a company that we see riding multiple waves both in gaming and online video,” said Thrive Capital partner Chris Paik. “By providing gamers a new way to express themselves, Twitch has built a strong, passionate and fast growing community around itself.”

Source: GamesIndustry International