Twitch has become a popular source for broadcasting superstars to show off their stuff to millions of viewing fans – but now the channel wants to step its game up a notch by allowing them to sell their own merchandise.

The company has announced that it has partnered with Teespring to create a new custom integration that will enable its broadcasting partners to create one-of-a-kind shirts through Teespring, which in turn will be sold in Twitch’s official store.

The partnership will be beneficial for Twitch broadcasters, as over 8,500 members are already on board, attracting a large and beneficial community of players and fans alike. This program has already paid off for them – literally – through subscription services, via monetization. Some have even managed to turn their hobby into full-time paying jobs as a result, and the introduction of merchandise could take their popularity even further.

“The Twitch community is fervent about supporting the broadcasters they love,” said Brooke Van Dusen, Director of Business Development, Twitch. “By working closely with Teespring, we are able to offer our partners a fun and creative way to connect with their fans and further establish their personal brand, all while providing an additional source of income.”

The program appears to be rather painless, as it’ll be easy for broadcasters to go in and create their own custom designs, which in turn will be shown through Twitch’s store front for customers to buy.

“Our goal at Teespring is to empower people to engage and delight their communities through custom products,” said Jack Altman, Teespring’s Head of Business Development. “By bringing custom merchandise to Twitch, we hope to create new opportunities for broadcasters to connect with their fans in meaningful ways.”

Several hundred designs are already in production, and a few offerings are already in place over on the Twitch store, with more likely to be added over the next few weeks.