Twitter is ready to engage its audience once again while at the same time appeasing its many publishers that look to take advantage of new features.

A report from MediaPost states that the popular social site has relaunched its Publisher Network with a new name the Twitter Audience Platform. With the launch, which took place today, users of the service can take advantage of new features, including the ability to encompass tweet engagements and video views. This is on top of the already existing ability to drive mobile app installs and re-engagements. With this, videos on Twitter Audience Platforms will play automatically on a device, with video fully in view.

Many of the targeting signals used on Twitter such as interest, username, and keyword can be applied to your campaigns across mobile apps, Eric Farkas, product marketing manager for revenue at Twitter, explained.

Some other features have been introduced as well, in an attempt to help advertising partners reach out to in-app audiences. This includes the ability to convert tweet engagement campaigns into interstitial and native ads, turning promoted video campaigns into in-app video ads, and creating banner ads from app install or re-engagement campaigns.

We ve also added creative features to interstitials to help you extend your best content beyond Twitter, said Farkas. This includes being able to retweet and favorite directly from the Twitter Audience Platform ads. Call-to-action buttons have also been thrown in, assisting brands with getting a better drive from desired user actions.

Internal estimates believe that the Audience Platform could now have a potential reach of 700 million consumers and that will no doubt be music to the ears of some of its partners.

How this will be effective in the long run remains to be seen, but it s a safe bet that some companies are already set to take advantage of the Platform, just to see what it can do.