Twitter continues to try and find new ways to involve its large social audience, and today it announced its latest step in doing so — Audio Cards.

With this new technology, users can implement the Cards onto their timeline, enabling them and their friends to listen to music and podcasts directly, without the need for a separate player, on their iOS and Android devices.

The technology, which utilizes SoundCloud, allows you to “dock” the Cards so that you can continue listening while you browse, according to The Next Web. In addition, iTunes has also signed on as a partner, which will open up even more potential. The first musical artist through that partnership has also been announced, and it’s the band Foo Fighters, who will tweet the official release of its newest single soon.

Thus far, Twitter has several other partners in the Audio Card department, including NASA, David Guetta, the White House and a few others, although the service will open up with SoundCloud (as well as iTunes) support sometime over the next few weeks.

Audio Cards also have the potential to allow up-and-coming musicians and podcast hosts to share their talents through the service, as audio can be streamlined through Twitter without the need to open another browser app.

This could be an interesting social approach to the website. Not only will it provide additional business for the popular site, but it will enable a new freedom for users to listen to whatever they see fit — as well as open up a possible new level of personality.

Those interested in learning more about the program can follow the TwitterMusic account, as it’ll be updated consistently with new information. In the meantime, interested parties can keep an eye on their favorite groups and performers, as it probably won’t be long before they’re spreading the word with Audio Cards.