For a while there, the only place you could see promoted tweets through certain companies was through Twitter itself. However, according to Adweek, the social media site has plans to expand its reach over to other sites.

With the new plan, Twitter vows to increase its ad exposure using promoted tweets on other sites. These include a number of partners where the messages can be seen, including Flipboard and Yahoo!’s Japanese division. Both sites already feature Twitter integration, through streams of messages that make it easy for viewers to see what’s going on.

The ads will look quite familiar to those who have seen them on Twitter, since they have the “same look and feel that is native,” according to the company.

“For the thousands of brands already advertising on Twitter, these new partnerships open a significant opportunity to extend the reach of their message to a larger audience,” said Twitter in a blog post.

Brands that take part in the program will be able to gauge the same targeting information and creativity that they did through the main Twitter site. It’s supposedly going to tie in with the MoPub ad network that was purchased a couple of years ago, in an effort to expand its already existing audience.

With this network in place, Twitter can reach a potential one billion users on mobile devices across various websites and properties. Its promoted tweets campaign has already been effective thus far, with 185 billion impressions outside Twitter. This will no doubt increase that even further.

“What makes Twitter unique is that tweets can flow from Twitter to other mediums seamlessly, like TV, websites and mobile applications,” the company explained.

The site has made a few changes in an effort to appeal to a much broader audience, with instant timelines that make it easy for new users to get acquainted, as well as a video player that utilizes the Snappy TV service that it picked up last year.

It may take a while to see how effective this program truly is, but if any site knows a social outreach, it’s certainly Twitter.