When consumers travel on airlines, they usually have the convenience of reading an in-flight magazine to pass the time. Now, it appears that Uber is following suit.

A report from TechCrunch indicates that the popular catch a ride company has launched a new in-car magazine that launched in New York this week. Titled Arriving Now, the publication enables riders to have something to read as they travel to their destination.

This blog post details just what consumers can expect from the magazine, including the quick summary below:

In celebration of Fashion Week (which kicks off today in NYC), Arriving Now’s first edition is packed with pro tips, hotspots, and exclusive details about upcoming promotions. You may also recognize cover girl Olivia Palermo, one of NYC s more influential fashionistas, who dishes on her favorite shops, trends, and love of New York inside Arriving Now.

While it may seem odd for a car-based company to launch its own magazine, it does make sense, considering that Uber has a large user base that relies on the call-for-a-ride service on a daily basis. And it could improve upon its brand experience with a number of other services, as suggested by TechCrunch.

Always-on touch screens could probably be coming soon enough to a car near you, allowing users more ways to interact with Uber s continually growing on-demadn services that don t necessarily involve getting people from place-to-place, it reads. This includes making suggestions near your destination, such as where to grab a bite to eat or other information regarding the area.

Uber hasn t stated when the magazine will expand to new markets, or when (or even if) the touch-screen technology is on par to arrive soon. But one thing s for sure in one form or another, it ll keep trying to make its ride smoother for consumers.