Projectors are nothing new, as people use them consistently to show off presentations, movies and other display purposes. However, VizeraLabs has come up with a way to project images — including onto less-than-favorable looking furniture.

The company, based in San Francisco, has come up with a projection system that can actually beam realistic textures onto any given surface. And not just flat ones either, but also three-dimensional objects.

With the system, retailers can show customers different patterns, colors and textures through various combinations on objects before they purchase them. These include carpets, couches and any other tools where custom design comes into play.

The video below provides a demonstration of how this works, and no computer images were used to produce it — it’s changing those colors in real time using the projection system, which was certainly no easy feat.


The lighting and shading of said object is done through a “Material Simulation Engine,” which allows for manipulation of colors, textures and other features to create a lifelike experience, without altering the material itself in a permanent manner.

With the system, retailers can actually save money without needing to print multiple models of their product that wouldn’t be used. Instead, customers can generate their own model of products and see how they would apply in real time, and get a similar one once purchased.

The technology can even go as far as to be used in automobile shops, allowing consumers to see how custom paint jobs appear before making a final decision.

The tech itself hasn’t been released yet, but don’t be surprised if some form of business model is introduced for it within the months ahead. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what a chair looks like with polka dots… without having to pay for it, obviously.

Source: Digital Trends