Wargaming.net has done quite a suitable job when it comes to the word-of-mouth popularity from its online games, including World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and the forthcoming World of Warships. Wargaming has taken an interesting turn with its latest sponsorship deal, as it has joined forces with music video service Vevo to spread the word about Wargaming through totally unique channels.

The campaign, which will target the general rock and metal genres that the music channel has to offer, will focus on three of Wargaming’s biggest titles, including Tanks, Warships and World of Warplanes, with better awareness of the brand, according to Pocketgamer.biz.

Video game companies have marketed through other mediums before, such as co-branding cars in NASCAR, featured advertisements in film and other means. However, this really marks the first time that a video game company has specifically targeted a music channel for advertising, one that could be quite lucrative for both companies. It’s a different approach for Wargaming, and one that targets a demographic that may not be accessible through other media, or at least not as easily.

Starcom Media Vest group considers the deal a “coordinated takeover of Vevo’s rock and metal genres,” which will begin this month in various markets, including the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Spain, France and Ireland. The Russian and Southeast Asian markets will follow soon thereafter, although a specific date wasn’t given.

“The Wargaming.net brand has been looking for a viable global music partner for some time,” said Al King, global brand director for the company. “We needed the right fit with our audience and a way to satisfy their love of rock and metal music. Vevo delivers this and the campaign that SMG’s LiquidThreat has negotiated is the perfect experience for our audience to relate to their interests and increase their excitement about the brand.”

Wargaming has already been highly successful at attracting an audience, as millions of gamers have flocked to the company’s free-to-play offerings on both PC and mobile, with tournaments being held on a regular basis and promotional items – like tanks from Brad Pitt’s feature film Fury – becoming available. Still, this deal should help bring more exposure to the games, while introducing a music channel that may introduce avid competitors to new tunes on their playlist.