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Raptor News Network

Raptor News Network is a viral site promoting DmC: Devil May Cry. The Raptor News Network site contains fake news articles written about the current concerns of Limbo City. It is sponsored by Virility, a fake energy drink that seems to be contributing to the declining health of the citizens of Limbo City.

A satire of real world society ills, the Raptor News Network takes aim at media like reality television and cable news outlets. The Raptor News Network itself is an example of such ills and is a symbol of how a news outlets has been used to deliberately influence and mold public opinion in favor of a certain party, idea, or cause, such as in politics and religion.

Raptor News represents one of the main arms of the demons’ subversive control and manipulation of Limbo. Fans are asked a daily polling question and also encouraged to call a 1-800 number and express their opinions. City’s human populace, feeding off of false information through the sent airwaves to brainwash humanity, usually slander Dante as a terrorist and otherwise paint the hero in a negative light.

Many of the topics are political, ranging from a proposed gun ban, discussion of the economy or a health and discussing the adverse affects of organic energy drinks, particularly to men.