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How TikTok’s Latest Features Are Helping Advertisers Be More Creative, Relevant And Effective

How TikTok’s Latest Features Are Helping Advertisers Be More Creative, Relevant And Effective

TikTok offers marketers powerful reach and now, the ability to integrate greater targeting capabilities and performance monitoring features into your existing marketing strategy. Here are three ways marketers can optimize their TikTok strategy to connect with the platform’s always-on “prime time” audience. 

Performance: New Targeting And Branding Options Allow Marketers Greater Insights Into Campaigns

TikTok has approximately 150 million users in the US, and close to one billion worldwide. That’s a powerful reach. TikTok’s Max Pulse is a new tool that allows advertisers to choose to run their creatives next to the top 4 percent of creators on TikTok. That means your brand can avoid lower-quality, less relevant content and place your creative in front of a highly engaged, immense audience. And advertisers also have the option of selecting content from a roster of about 20 premium publishers like The Washington Post for their creative to appear alongside, through Pulse Premiere

Since its launch, campaigns that include Pulse have proven to increase brand recall by more than 9.8 percent and awareness by 6.8 percent, by placing brands next to the top culturally impactful content viewed by highly engaged and primed audiences.

Commerce: Advertisers Will Find It Easier To Determine How, When, And Why People Are Engaging With Their Ads

TikTok’s video insights tool offers powerful performance monitoring features. Using the tool, you’ll be able to examine videos at a frame-by-frame or second-by-second level to see where, clicks are occurring, how long retention lasts, and where conversions are occurring. You will also be able to compare your performance data with other videos that you’ve been running paid against and compare everything to industry benchmarks. 

Creative: TikTok Offers A New Integration Between TikTok Ads Manager And CapCut

CapCut, created by ByteDance, has thousands of professional video editing templates and effects available for free. Now, CapCut is available for TikTok marketers to use to edit and create videos and ads simply and efficiently, release them with a few clicks on TikTok, and sync them to TikTok Ads Manager. For creators and the brands that depend on them, that can save time and optimize budgets. 

According to the company, 56 percent of TikTok users say that ads on TikTok have led them to discover new products or brands, and 48 percent of TikTok users are interested in making a purchase on or from the TikTok platform.