Grant Johnson is the CMO at Emburse, a spend management company offering solutions that help organizations manage employee expenses, process invoices and make payments.

In this episode, Grant and I discuss his journey to become CMO at Emburse and his philosophy of five Cs for a CMO’s playbook—culture, coaching, campaigns, category, and courage. 

Grant says that “the only constant in the market is change, and your ability to adapt to it is key to ongoing success.” Listen to the full interview to hear Grant’s advice for emerging marketing leaders and how being clear, compelling, and consistent plays a major role. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Category isn’t restricted to your product
  • The courage of conviction 
  • Adapting to the change

Key Highlights:

  • [01:22] Grant is a nationally ranked tennis player
  • [03:00] Grant’s career journey 
  • [05:34] Coming up with the five C’s
  • [07:34] Talking about culture 
  • [09:19] Where coaching is important
  • [11:05] Coaching the coach vs. coaching the employee
  • [12:15] How Grant thinks about campaigns 
  • [14:55] Thinking about category
  • [18:12] Having the courage of conviction
  • [19:56] Advice for first-time CMOs
  • [23:53] An experience that defines Grant, makes him who he is today
  • [25:10] Grant’s advice to his younger self 
  • [26:48] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [27:54] The brands and organizations Grant follows 
  • [29:06] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketers 

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