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We’re all about informing, inspiring and featuring the most vital members of the global marketing community.

AList is an award-winning media platform providing over 1.3 million members of the media and marketing community with insights, trends, data and analysis via our site, events and newsletter, facilitating an active community for our readership across platforms to connect and share insights. We are proud to count the world’s leading marketers and media executives in our core readership.


Our editorial mission is to inform, inspire and feature the most vital members of the global media and marketing community to foster innovation in the community.

Marketers are tasked with an enormous amount of responsibility managing budgets and teams, deploying activations across varying types of media and measuring the effectiveness of their work accurately. We seek to report on the changes that are affecting the industry and how marketers are creatively tackling them.



Lauren Arevalo-Downes

Lauren is the executive director of AList, managing the publishing division of a.network since joining in 2012. An award-winning journalist, she’s been working in media for over a decade after spending some time in the marketing and advertising world. A professed media nerd, she believes strongly in the power of data to inspire and empower reporting and engage audiences.
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E. Ryan Ellis

E. Ryan Ellis is the deputy editor in chief at AList, focusing on telling deeper stories and opinion pieces. He comes primarily from a long-form and print magazine background and most recently he was the editorial director at Malibu magazine. Previously, he was the deputy editor at Flaunt magazine, wrote for Pitchfork and worked throughout the music industry.
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H.B. Duran

H. B. Duran is a journalist, screenwriter and artist with a passion for the film and video game industries. She has been a writer for AList since 2016, currently specializing in marketing activations and data reports.
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Matthew Downes

Matthew is the Associate Director of Audience Development for AList. He joined a.network in 2012 where he tackled all facets of social media from strategic ideation, community management, social production and client relations.
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Carinne Urrutia

Carinne Urrutia has a passion for creative strategy and design. She has collaborated and led campaigns for Nike, Nintendo, FX and other triple-A brands; developing and creating content for events, social, retail, film, print and publishing. Forever seeking the most engaging and elegant methods to deliver the best content to our huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
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Eric Ayzenberg

For over 20 years, Eric Ayzenberg has been a key player in shaping the direction of brand storytelling in social, digital and influencer marketing, creating innovative media communication solutions for some of the biggest names in the video game, consumer software, toy, theatrical and consumer electronic businesses.
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