When pressure spikes, a pool of perspiration usually follows, and in a few short, painful moments, the pits begin to look wetter than a baby’s diaper.

Gillette is helping men combat unexpected Category 5 storms in their shirts by introducing the “Gillette Clinical Clear Gel Pressure Chamber,” a Discovery VR co-sponsored content program using 360-degree videos and virtual reality, to explain the direct correlation stressful situations have on their bodies.

Gillette, owned by parent company Procter & Gamble, is fighting the lifelong battle between sweat and odor by engaging with potential customers through immersive storytelling methods, and sharing that their line of clinical products helps keep men drier than the Sahara Desert even when adversity strikes.

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“Our goal is to show guys what happens to their bodies during extreme scenarios, proving that they need to be confident in the antiperspirant they use for those pressure-inducing moments,” Janine Miletic, marketing director for Procter & Gamble, told [a]listdaily. “While guys aren’t always faced with unexpected, adrenaline-pumping scenarios such as canyon swinging or skeleton racing, they are constantly facing obstacles every day and Gillette Clinical Antiperspirant is helping them keep their cool.”

The Pressure Chamber was on the road at SXSW in Austin earlier this month and received rave reviews as show goers strapped on VR head sets and wearable devices to monitor their heart rates through a roller coaster ride, among other experiences. Gillette tapped Discovery VR, a fast-rising leader in creating fully immersive virtual reality experiences, for an activation that promoted the new release of the Pressure Defence Antiperspirant.

It continued the growing trend of brands using virtual reality as a medium to connect with audiences.

In addition to a 4,000-foot long roller coaster that tops speeds of 60 miles an hour, Gillette and Discovery VR have created tight rope walking and extreme sports experiences, among others, too. “Discovery was a natural fit given its long history of bringing together emerging technology with storytelling via broadcast, and now using VR to create thrilling content for audiences,” said Miletic.

Miletic added that Austin was the ideal place to directly connect with their target demographic as they received an overwhelmingly positive response as a brand driven by technology and innovation.

“We know our guys like to know the science behind why the products they purchase work,” Miletic said. “So rather than tell them, we show them through cool, innovative experiences.”

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