Even though VidCon 2015 is over, it was a huge success for video channels as well as the superstars that provide content for them. It was also a key opportunity for certain companies to hype their products, and “drive loyalty” with attendees, according to a story from CNBC.

Various companies managed to create experiences for attendees, based around Generation Z and millennials, in an attempt to spread word about their products. This included the film Jem and the Holograms, as well as the forthcoming Harmonix game Rock Band 4.

“The goal is to introduce fans and creators to these upcoming releases and drive interest through interactive activations, which can be shared on social media,” said Doug Neil, executive vice president of digital marketing for Universal Pictures.

Universal was one of the prominent advertisers during the show, hosting a hologram photo booth and make-up station for its forthcoming Jem and the Holograms film. It also hosted a special “VidCon Prom” event, and had Clevver Entertainment team up with various YouTube talents to promote the film. The M. Night Shaymalan thriller The Visit was also screened before its September premiere.

But Jem was the big focus for the company. “Her story resonates with attendees due to the similarities with the stories of many of the content creators who are present at VidCon,” said Neil.

Other companies took part in promotions as well. Canon hosted a giveaway with tote bags and other gear to introduce its technology; Air Optix Colors offered color contact lenses for folks to try out (with the help of celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes); and NBC promoted three of its hit series, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Heroes Reborn and The Voice with special activities, including a game of “Slapjack” and GIF-booths where attendees could be turned into super heroes.

“We know how passionate and vocal these fans can be,” said Rob Hayes, executive vice president of digital for NBC Entertainment. “Giving those fans, especially the younger fans who are so active on YouTube and other digital platforms, a chance to interact with their favorite shows is a great way to drive continued loyalty.”

Vimeo also hosted content at the show, presenting premieres of on-demand movies like Smosh: The Movie, Bad Night and The Chosen. “Vimeo is here to engage online video creators, and to show them how, creator to creator, they can make money online,” said Grey Clayman, general manager of Vimeo’s Audience Networks, during the show.

Companies also have an opportunity to find new talents at the show. “VidCon is a chance for us to continue to build those relationships and let the creators know we see ourselves as part of this community, and we want to foster its growth,” said Hayes.

But some companies simply came to have fun while spreading the word about their product. Harmonix did just that with Rock Band 4, its forthcoming music simulation, which has gotten tremendous buzz since its announcement at PAX East earlier this year. The developer hosted a party where people could jam out with a number of songs, while at the same time getting special GIF’s catching them in action. A photo from the event can be found below. (It releases on October 6th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.)