Katherine Calvert is the Chief Marketing Officer of Khoros, a digital engagement platform for social marketing, online communities, and customer care.

In this episode, Katherine and I discuss her path to become CMO at Khoros and her perspective on customer engagement. She also shares what platforms marketers should consider if they want to create great experiences for their customers and prospects.

Katherine believes “there is a real opportunity for marketing leaders to be the champion within companies to elevate CX,” saying customer experience should be the “north star” by which they lead. Studies show that over 60% of consumers stop doing business with a brand after just one negative instance. On the other hand, 80% of consumers say they will pay more for the same product or service if it comes with a delightful customer experience.

Listen to find out how customer experience is transformational to your company’s finances.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of staying connected 
  • The financial impact of having good CX
  • Utilizing platforms and channels

Key Highlights:

  • [01:22] Katherine’s brush with Kevin Bacon
  • [02:55] Katherine’s path to becoming CMO
  • [05:32] What you should know about Khoros
  • [09:15] Stay connected with your customers
  • [15:05] How marketers should think about channels and platforms 
  • [20:01] Katherine’s advice for customer engagement
  • [24:15] A defining experience that made Katherine who she is today 
  • [26:34] Katherine’s advice to her younger self
  • [27:29] A topic Katherine believes marketers should learn about
  • [30:24] The brands and companies Katherine follows
  • [32:35] What Katherine says is today’s biggest opportunity for marketers

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