John Moorhead, CMO of eco-focused product company Seventh Generation, was a reluctant marketer. He “thought it was for the birds” until he realized the business impact it could have on one of his passions–the outdoors. It was then that he knew marketing would become his path to change the way people think about the products they use.

In this episode, John and I discuss his passion for environmentalism, how Seventh Generation is creating the future of green products, the new look of the brand, and the role of advocacy that businesses play in the world today.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Unilever and Seventh Generation utilize marketing in traditional and e-comm retail
  • Where businesses can impact sustainability and environmentalism
  • How Seventh Generation amplifies advocacy for their company and consumers

Key Highlights

  • [01:08] John’s path to marketing
  • [06:07] All about Seventh Generation and the acquisition by Unilever
  • [08:53] Seventh Generation’s brand refresh
  • [13:00] The future of green products
  • [14:05] Technology and science helping at the shelf
  • [16:27] Marketing’s challenge to address sustainability
  • [19:02] Connecting traditional marketing channels with e-comm
  • [22:34] Business’s roles in sustainability and climate
  • [26:16] An experience that defines John
  • [28:40] John’s advice for his younger self
  • [30:20] What marketers should be learning more about
  • [31:20] Brands and causes we should notice
  • [32:59] The biggest opportunity or threat for marketers today

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