DeNora’s experiences as a teenager quickly shaped how she viewed the world and her role in it. With a passion for civic engagement and empowering young people, DeNora found a home at where she uses social understanding and data to inspire action.

In this episode, DeNora and I discuss why brands should care about their social impact, how Gen Z is forcing companies to evolve, and the Holy Grail of marketing: how to get people to really buy into what we are promoting. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How is fueling young people to change the world
  • The “secret” to getting people to take action
  • The power of being intentional, honest, and centering social good

Key Highlights

  • [01:20] The experience that solidified DeNora’s interstate in civic engagement
  • [03:50] Denora’s path to becoming CEO of
  • [10:20] How DoSomething is meeting the moment to transform the future
  • [14:45] What do young people care about today and why
  • [17:35] Young people have evolved beyond being influenced by the simple CTA
  • [22:00] The impact DoSomething is driving by giving them tools
  • [24:15] The power of being intentional, honest, and centering social good
  • [26:00] Why brands should care about their social impact
  • [27:50] How the role of civic engagement has changed with today’s workforce
  • [28:30] Centering young people in the dialogue may help us find better solutions
  • [31:40] The formative experiences and people that define DeNora
  • [33:15] What is COVID Clarity?
  • [34:00] DeNora’s advice to her younger self
  • [34:55] Marketers have to evolve to meet the upcoming generations
  • [36:30] Three things companies need to consider to stay relevant
  • [38:20] Which brands are connecting the dots between their brand and consumer’s concerns
  • [40:10] Young people are the biggest opportunity AND biggest threat to marketers

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