Reyka Vodka dove into virtual reality using MonsterVR technology to create a new interactive VR experience that challenges two players to scale a virtual mountain in Iceland. The experience, which features the glaciers, volcanoes and lagoons Iceland is known for, connects to the ingredients of the vodka, which is made using Iceland’s glacial spring water, lava rock filtration and geothermal energy.

Reyka Vodka brand manager Will Orsburn told AListDaily that this new marketing campaign connects with the brand’s messaging “Made of Iceland.”

“Iceland is a remarkably unique place, in terms of the land itself, but also the people and culture,” Orsburn explained. “This is what being ‘Made of Iceland’ is all about, and we strive to bring that to life for our audience at every touch point; that means how we design events and branded items, how we develop cocktails, and of course, how we engage our consumers in the digital space.”

In the past, the brand has launched quirky campaigns through its social platforms to visually showcase its story, provenance, and people. Orsburn said VR presents a great opportunity to bring people to Iceland—virtually—and take them through the production process for Reyka Vodka, in a way that is fun and engaging.

“We have received great feedback on the program at events where we’ve activated, and, through the program, we look forward to bringing many more people to Iceland,” Orsburn said. “We’re still at the beginning of testing our VR at festivals and large-scale sampling events, so it will be interesting to see what the feedback is as more and more consumers have the opportunity to try it.”

The VR experience takes you through the Reyka Vodka distillation process through a two-player competition that presents players with challenges and obstacles. The competition involves a Carter-Head Still, arctic spring water, lava rocks, geothermal energy and making a Reyka cocktail.

“Iceland is the land of fire and ice and is filled with charming characteristics and natural beauty—lava rocks, glacial spring water, volcanoes, towering waterfalls and geothermal energy,” Orsburn explained. “Many consumers have not had a chance to visit Iceland and see these wonders first-hand. VR allows us to share our homeland and gives consumers the chance to experience the Reyka Vodka process. It’s educational, engaging and entertaining.”

MonsterVR reached out to the brand to work on this VR experience, which was created using their cameras. The traveling experience, which is used at events and festivals, also features MonsterVR headsets for consumers to enter into this Icelandic adventure. It’s often a first hands-on with the MonsterVR hardware, as well as a virtual journey to Iceland.

“Working with MonsterVR allowed us to tap into their expertise in technology and VR,” Orsburn said. “They’ve helped us bring our distillation process to life in an original way for our consumers here in the US.”

Reyka Vodka’s VR experience is still in its beta stage, targeting events in key markets. The plan is to roll out the experience to more events and markets throughout 2018.

“Reyka Vodka’s demographic is someone seeking to experience new adventures, who has an inventive spirit and who enjoys quality spirits and cocktails,” said Orsburn.