Samsung Gear VR Heads to Hollywood
Filmmakers are beginning to experiment with the possibilities inherent in immersing people entirely in a world, but the technical issues are vast>
GamesBeat 2014 Revelations
A selection of the best quotes, quips and insights from last week's GamesBeat 2014 conference
Take Buzzfeed's Cue: 'If It's Not Mobile, It Won't Be Shared'
Mobile isn't just another distribution platform, it is redefinining media and therefore advertising
Getting YouTube Creators on Board with Your Brand
The best approach to reaching your target demographic is by collaborating with one of the countless YouTube creators
The Chernin Group and AT&T Buy Fullscreen
Otter Media, a venture backed by The Chernin Group and AT&T, has confirmed its acquisition of a majority stake in Fullscreen
Tokyo Game Show Wrap-Up
What are the best stories to emerge from the yearly Tokyo Game Show event? There's a lot happening at TGS
New App Bundles in iOS 8
App bundles, introduced with Apple's new iOS 8, could bring in bigger app sales – and other potential – in the months ahead
'America's Funniest Home Videos' Hitting YouTube
The popular ABC show America's Funniest Home Videos will team up with Maker Studios on a new YouTube web series
Facebook Ad Revenues Exceeding User Time
A new report from eMarketer indicates that Facebook is getting more than its share of ad dollars, unlike other digital media
Gatorade Pays Tribute To Derek Jeter
The latest ad to feature departing New York Yankee Derek Jeter pulls for the heartstrings
The Fate of 'Destiny'
How Destiny sales have affected Activision, and might affect the battle between Sony and Microsoft
Consumer Product Research Shifts from Tablet to Smartphone
When it comes to mobile, in the space of a year consumers have changed how they shop
Astronauts Wanted Taps YouTube, Vine Stars for New Advice Series
The studio brings together multiple YouTubers in answering the questions their various fans have
'Gone Girl' Movie Creates Creepy Pinterest Account for Character
The Pinterest amps up the creep factor giving some clues about the missing protagonist in Gone Girl
Instagram's Top Videos For the Week
Adweek counts down the top ten clips for the week, including awesome new clips from GoPro and Michael Kors
Marriott Introducing Immersive 4D Travel Experience
The Marriott hotel chain is teaming up with Oculus Rift to provide people with a new kind of travel experience
Retail Apps Popular, But Not For Purchases
While a lot of users do tend to utilize retail apps, they very rarely use them for purchases, according to a new report
A Slew of Parodies Delight YouTube's iPhone Fever
The iPhone continues to inspire parodies of all kinds on YouTube. Here are some highlights
Zynga Shuffles Management Team
With the departure of two senior execs, Zynga hires a number of new members of management to fill the void
GX3 Convention Celebrates LGBT Gaming Community
The team behind the popular GaymerX events announces GX3, a gaming convention for all gamers
GamesBeat 2014: The View From EA and Nexon
What Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson and Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney shared at GamesBeat
Mobile Video For Brand and Entertainment Marketers
Mobile provides more opportunities for marketers to be part of the consumer’s endless stream in a variety of ways
Tumblr Is the Wealthiest Social Platform
Tumblr stands head and shoulders above other social platforms when it comes to median household income
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