The Winner of The Console Wars
Revealing the winner of the console wars this Christmas... it's not who you think>
Five Trends in Mobile Gaming
The top trends in mobile gaming are identified by Wooga's marketing head, and marketers should pay close attention
YouTube Stars Disappear For 'Ouija'
Oujia's digital campaign leverages YouTube influencers across multiple social platforms to frightening effect
Console Game Revenue Forecast Lowered
DFC Intelligence lowers its forecast for console game revenues, says the entire game industry will top $100 billion in 2019
Everything We Know About Millennial Consumption Habits
comScore has broken down the spending habits of millennials across a number of statistics
'John Wick' Joins 'Payday 2' Roster
Keanu Reeves' relentless hitman in John Wick film will be joining the cast of Starbreeze's multiplayer shoot-em-up Payday 2
Online Video Viewing Zooms
A report from Adobe indicates a massive growth in the video viewing realm, with a huge 43 percent jump over previous numbers
FX Launches 'Simpsons World' Experience
Fans of the hit Fox animated show The Simpsons can now interact with a new online experience, and also view full episodes
Digital Ad Revenue Has Hit $23 Billion
New report shows huge growth in mobile and social media revenue 
CREATIVE: FKA Twigs' Stunning Ad for Google Glass
The concept film is directed by and features artist FKA Twigs to promote Google Glass
Vdopia Launches Programmatic Marketplace for Mobile Video Ads
It enables advertisers and publishers to run video ads on mobile websites and apps without requiring Flash or plug-ins
Programmatic, Meet Native
How two seemingly disparate parts of the advertising spectrum might intersect perfectly for mobile 
Universal Is First to Have Sponsored Promotion On Snapchat
A video promo for Universal's forthcoming horror film Ouija has made its way onto Snapchat
Big Numbers For League of Legends
This weekend's World Championship for the popular online game League of Legends led to its biggest audience yet
YouTube Stars Enter The World of 'The Hunger Games'
Superstars like iJustine, Veritasium and others will provide videos in a new District Voices series
Chartbeat Goes Public With Web Metrics
Fearing that a lot of companies prefer to use "smoke and mirrors" with its reports, Chartbeat keeps it real
Mobile Is Big Business With Games
Nearly half of the top mobile companies in the world are based around games. Here's where they rank
'Karen' Knows More About You Than You Would Like
New app finds funding on Kickstarter to create an unsettling mobile storytelling experience
Creating the Hardcore Tablet Gamer
A day at Super Evil Megacorp shows the challenges ahead for its new mobile MOBA Vainglory
Razer Founder Explains How To Capitalize On ESports Global Audience
Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan discusses how eSports exponential growth has helped his brand
Facebook Chat Gets Real-Time with Celebrities
Facebook now lets marketers host chats with celebrities
CREATIVE: Virgin America Takes You On A Complimentary Flight On BLAH Airlines
Virgin America's new ad clocks in at 5 hours and 46 minutes
Facebook Now Calls Itself a 'Video Platform,' Pushes Atlas, Mobile
Facebook's agenda to push mobile and demonstrate its value in enhancing TV
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