5 Super Powerful Lessons 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is Teaching Hollywood
What Hollywood is learning from this summer's blockbuster of unlikely heroes>
GamesBeat 2014 Preview
This year's GamesBeat promises to be the best ever, with a collection of top industry figures sharing insights
NPD August 2014: Consoles Stay Strong
Once again, consoles are selling well at retail, but software still lags behind last year
Amazon Appstore Could Rival Google Play
A growth in apps and revenue could make Amazon's Appstore just as popular with mobile users as Google's Play Store
'Disney Infinity' Getting a Guardian Boost
Disney Infinity this year promises to be a best-seller, thanks to the tie-in with the successful Guardians of the Galaxy film
Reaching Female Millennials Isn't Easy
Trying to reach a female millennial audience in the United States isn't as easy as it looks, according to a new eMarketer report
The Battle For Home Tech Begins
Apple, Google and Samsung all want a piece of the booming electronic home market – and it could be a very close battle
Will Ferrell Playing Games For Charity
The comedic actor will play games – and invite a lucky participant to play with him – as part of an Indiegogo campaign for charity
Samsung Gear VR Heads to Hollywood
Game developer-turned-Hollywood creative Shiraz Akmal explains why he’s excited about the Samsung Gear VR
What #AppleLive Tells Us About Apple's New Social Strategy
Amidst the hubbub of iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcements, there was also another unveiling: Apple’s social strategy
Gameplay Trailers For the Week
Assassin's Creed Unity and other big games make the highlight reel this week
Zappos Wants to Make Sure Your Pants Are Mobile Ready
Zappos pokes fun at bigger mobile screens while bringing up a valid point about where we should be storing them
iPhone Users Are 'More Extreme'
Research shows that users' choice of mobile device says a whole lot about their identity
Nerf Didn't Sponsor This Epic Nerf Battle
Despite the best effort from After Effects, its latest epic YouTube video featuring Nerf weapons didn't get sponsorship from the company.
YouTube Isn't the Only Video Marketing
Although the video channel has a huge audience, there are more venues available when it comes to digital video marketing
Funny Or Die and Volkswagen Drive a Car Through Target
Volkswagen partners with comedy mainstay Funny Or Die to promote the new Volkswagen Golf
Final Fantasy Vet Goes Free-To-Play
Game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is trying out a new market after making games in the popular Final Fantasy series
Unruly Pilots New Native Video-Ad Format with Adidas
The In-Feed format optimized for mobile devices launches “in response to a growing demand from brands” to use video
Digital Video Consumption Is Changing
A series of charts indicates the growth – and necessary areas for growth – of digital video consumption
Super Evil Interview: On Stage With Apple
We talk to CEO Bo Daly and COO Kristian Segerstrale about Vainglory and being featured by Apple
Coming Soon: Smart Ads for Apple Watch That Won't Interrupt
With the introduction of the Apple Watch, we expect wearables to grow exponentially as an electronics category
Apple Intros New iPhones, Apple Watch
Apple's new iPhones look like solid hits, but the star of the show was the new Apple Watch
Study Says Social Advertising Converts More Customers
A new study from Aol Platforms analyzed 500 million clicks and 15 million conversions this year
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