Fatal1ty Discusses Monster ESports Deal

The original eSports star talks about his new line of gaming headphones with Monster.>

Calling All Lara Crofts: Xbox Wants You To Head To Comic Con

Xbox is giving Lara Croft cosplayers exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider access at Comic Con

Ooyala Adds Process Power With Nativ Acquisition

Ooyala has announced the acquisition of media logistics software and services company Nativ

Mark Cuban Invests In eSports Company Unikrn's Global Expansion

Mark Cuban, Binary Capital and a number of other investors are joining with Unikrn to expand its eSports growth

Nexon M's Secrets of Mobile Game Success

Nexon M general manager John Robinson explains how Nexon M is making headway in a tough market

Academy Award Filmmaker & Facebook To Keynote [a]list Video Summit

Two new keynote speakers and one new fireside chat have been added

Finding The Right Influencers Is More Critical Now Than Ever

A new platform, the ICN, helps brands find their Brand SoulMates®

The Next Mobile Game Star? Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato will join forces with mobile game developer Pocket Gems on a "choose-your-own-adventure"

Inside Mobile Advertising's Potential

Mobile's potential is still largely untapped according to a new report

Nintendo: Despite What's Coming, It's Not a Transitional Year

Nintendo of America's executive VP of sales insists it's not a transitional year for the company

Twitch Increases E3's Marketing Impact

Twitch shows just how effective it was at the E3 event

A Peek Into Reuters Live Video Syndication Play with Mirror Image

The business of “live” content on the Internet is no easy task

For Brands, #LoveWins

Brand have been ringing in the Supreme Court's historic decision today 

Redbox Takes PS4 and Xbox One Titles Nationwide

Redbox VP Bill West explains why the rental market for next-gen console games is important for game marketers

ION's Ranks YouTube's Top 10 Foodies For June

ION takes a look at which YouTube creators are spicing things up this month

Epic: VR Is Good, But AR Has a Future

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney believes that augmented reality is the next big development for gaming

Microsoft Gives Games With Gold a Boost With More Freebies

An additional free Xbox One game a month boosts the Xbox Live Gold program

Nintendo's 'Skylanders' Team-Up Is a Huge Win

The introduction of Donkey Kong and Bowser in Activision's Skylanders universe will be a huge plus for Nintendo

How Twitter Is Helping Brands Win the Moment

Twitter's Ross Hoffman on how brands can find an effective way to spread their message on Twitter

Is Verizon Really Well-Positioned for the Streaming TV Business?

Wait, Verizon already is in the TV services space with an IPTV product called FIOS

'Vainglory' Delivers Core Gaming Engagement to Mobile

Vainglory officially launches next week, delivering core engagement and eSports on mobile

'Terminator Genisys' Gets New Interactive Game In Theaters

The Terminator is back – and he’s bringing a new gaming experience to select theaters next month

Mattel's Barbie Takes On Video Blogging

Mattel's iconic female doll gives “vlogging” a try, emulating a number of other popular YouTube talents
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