mNectar's Playable App Platform Supercharges Engagement
The CEO of mNectar talks about how their app streaming technology gets 4x the retention of standard ads>
Raptr CEO Dennis Fong Talks ESports
Before he ran several successful video game ventures, Raptr CEO Dennis Fong was an early eSports star
5 Questions With Defy Media's Larke Paul
We spoke with Defy Media's Larke Paul leading up to her [a]list summit appearance on Thursday
Top Social Networking Platforms You Should Keep An Eye On
Why marketers should be paying attention to these certain networks and how they can utilize them for advertising 
Video Games Take Center Stage At Comic-Con
Assassin's Creed: Unity and other games easily stole the show at the San Diego Comic-Con
Sales On Mobile To Rise 25% By 2016
With more retailers having mobile websites than apps and many apps lacking commerce functionality, apps are more of a driver of mobile websites sales than a threat
Nerdist Pokes Fun At YouTube Commenters
Nerdist co-founder Chris Hardwick believes the YouTube community is "toxic"
'The Internet of Things' Market Growing Fast
New estimates indicate that Internet connectivity is spreading fast amongst many devices, and the Internet of Things will change our lives
Budweiser's Made for Music Campaign Launches 'Underground' Series
Budweiser’s campaign, launched last year with Jay Z and Rihanna, continues in 2014 with a six-part series
Pinterest's New Male Brand Head Speaks
"I'm here to expand it globally" says Pinterest's David Rubin, Head of Brand for the Pinterest web site
'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer Debuts At Comic-Con
Check out the intense trailer for Warner Bros.' new installment of the Mad Max series
'Fates Forever' Aims to Be a Mega MOBA For Mobile
Can Fates Forever be the mobile equivalent to League of Legends, a MOBA for mobile devices that attracts an audience of millions?
Streaming Games Success is Elusive
The technology for streaming games is maturing and appearing everywhere, but it's yet to make a major impact on the market – will that change?
5 Questions With Olga Kay
[a]listdaily talks to YouTuber Olga Kay about creating content, gaming and Operation: Moosh Clump
Facebook Covertly Poised to Take Over Video Space
The signs that point to Facebook stealthily readying itself to take on YouTube
Expedia Throws It Back With #TBT
Expedia will give winners the opportunity to indulge their nostalgia and return to the place where they took their favorite #TBT
'Super Zero' Takes On Stereotypes
A comic book-loving gamer is the unlikely hero of this short film
Today's Video: 'League of Legends' Cinematic
Riot Games showcases its amazing animation talent with A New Dawn while promoting interest in League of Legends
The VR Battle Gets Real
We now have Oculus VR, Sony, Samsung and Google competing in virtual reality (VR) – a look at the players in this market
China Telecom to Sell Xbox One
Microsoft's lined up China's largest broadband provider for the launch of the Xbox One in China
Movie Games Show Progress At Comic-Con
Updates on The Last of Us, Uncharted and Warcraft were delivered to audiences at the San Diego Comic Con
Microsoft Tries A new Direction For Gaming: HTML 5
Microsoft makes the classic Settlers of Catan board game available in HTML 5 so it plays on any browser
Big Brands Gravitating Towards eSports
Male millennials are spending a record amount of time watching professional video game tournaments
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