Harebrained Schemes Plans the Return of 'Battletech'

CEO Jordan Weisman reveals the storied 'Battletech' is coming to PCs with grass-roots marketing.>

ION Ranks Instagram's Biggest Style Influencers

ION takes a look at the top women's style influencers right now on Instagram

This Year's VidCon Has Been Good To Entertainment Marketers

Along with providing the best in video talent, last week's VidCon show was also a big hit for companies

Costs Are Still Rising For Android and iOS App Installs

Cost-per-install is growing, increasing a small but steady percentage each month

The Dollars Are Really Moving From TV To Digital

A new report shows that $1.5 billion in advertising made the move from TV to digital over the past year

Dennis Fong Discusses Plays.tv's New eSports Approach

Plays.tv's new eSports deal promises a great new perspective 

Why Meghan Camarena Is Shifting To Longform Content

Also known as Strawburry17, Meghan gives compelling reasons why she's shifting to longform

SuperData: Social Casino Games Evolving

Expectations among social casino players grow in maturing $1.5 billion market

CBS Will Stream Ads For Super Bowl 50

Considering the popularity of Super Bowl commercials, CBS will include them in streaming the big game

Twitter Ad Sales Rise, But There's Room For Improvement

Interim CEO Jack Dorsey talked about ad sales for the social site, and the need for more users

Snapchat Makes Progress Despite Some Hesitation

With the launch of a new business initiative earlier this year and a massive userbase, Snapchat is doing well

CollegeHumor Goes Down Under

Australia is getting its own version of CollegeHumor via a new partnership

Now Hiring This Week: July 29th

This week, Harmonix, Disney Interactive, Ayzenberg and more are hiring.

Michael 'Flamesword' Chaves Sees eSports Opportunity for 'Destiny'

The Halo pro gamer is the first eSports athlete to grace the cover of Red Bull cans

Gamescom Preview: The 'Next Level of Entertainment'

Gamescom 2015 will be bigger, better, and have plenty of marketing impact for game publishers

Trailer Highlights: 'Street Fighter V', 'Spectre' and more!

Amanda and Stephen are at it again with this week's trailers of note

10 Reasons To Attend [a]list Mobile + Social Video summit on Aug. 19

Hear Facebook's answer to YouTube and insights from YouTube's biggest break-out star

Marriott's Moxy Hotels Introduce 'Do Disturb' Web Series

To showcase more of its boutique brand of hotels, Marriott has teamed up with Taryn Southern

Mobile Strategy Games Are Winning

Chartboost takes a closer look at the booming mobile strategy game market, as well as the turning points that shifted its popularity

Inside 'League of Legends' Success

League of Legends has drawn in a massive audience – and players are making big money from it

App vs. Mobile Web Battle Continues Worldwide

While the dust is settled in the U.S., other parts of the world still see competition between mobile web and native apps

Ivana Kirkbride Departs YouTube, Lands at Vessel

Ivana Kirkbride has departed her post as head of unscripted at YouTube

Youth Looks Forward to VR

New research indicates high awareness and interest in VR among kids 10 to 17
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