5 Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch in 2015
We predict some of mobile gaming's most important trends in the new year>
Mobile Game Marketing in 2015
How big brands, retargeting, programmatic buying and more will change the landscape
Dine Out Like It's 1989 At The World's First Pac-Man Restaurant
New restaurant in suburban Chicago, Illinois will be themed after the famous yellow dot-muncher
Vevo Arrives on Xbox One as Its App Viewership Spikes in 2014
The free new app utilizes a news feed make it easier for users to access the latest music videos and original shows
Sean 'Day9' Plott Talks What Brands Can Learn From Red Bull's eSports Marketing
World renowned eSports caster talks about his own After Hours Gaming League
Analyzing Mobile Game Spenders
Newzoo put together a report on mobile game spenders, with some important data
Trends In Chinese Game Market Revealed
TechInAsia has revealed six big trends when it comes to the Chinese game market for the year, with both positives and negatives
Microsoft May Stream Xbox Games
Rumor says Microsoft is testing an "Arcadia" service for streaming apps and video games to mobile devices
Virtual Reality To Take Over Sundance
The forthcoming Sundance film festival will feature a number of projects based around virtual reality
Niantic Labs Teams with James Frey On Transmedia Project
Google's tech team has paired up with author James Frey to work on a new giant interactive transmedia project
Nintendo Eyes Unusual Screen
Nintendo could be looking to buy innovative free-form LCD screen technology from Sharp for use in a future device
Facebook's 'Rooms' App Is A Lesson In App Launch Strategy
Just because you're Facebook doesn't mean everyone will rush to your latest app
Smiletime Could Be The Future of Broadcast Content
Ex-Hulu executive Alex Kruglov unveils Smiletime, a proposed enhancement for television and streaming video
Meet Vessel, Your YouTube-Hulu Hybrid
New video-streaming startup wants to bring Hulu-style interface, monetization to content creators
CREATIVE: Top Trailers Of The Week: December 17th
This week: GTA V says we’re almost there, DMC gets a makeover, and more orcs get decapitated
Marriott Inks More YouTube Talent Deals, Casts First Short Film
The Marriott Content Studio unit has moved swiftly since launch to build an expansive content slate
This Week's [a]list Jobs - December 17th
We're bringing you this week's hottest listings: EA, Blizzard, Facebook and more are hiring!
5 Console Gaming Trends to Watch in 2015
Here's the major trends that will shape console gaming next year, and why
CREATIVE: Get Behind The Wheel Of Honda's Civic Type R With Xbox One
Honda takes you on an interactive experience around the Nürburgring in Forza Motorsport 5
Meet The World's First Social Currency: Chit
Chit is unlikely to take off with only $257 of the $67,000 required to fund, but the concept is here
Video Game Review Scores Still Matter
EEDAR explains why reviews are still important despite all the changes in the gaming marketplace
What Kept Marketers Awake In 2014
A new infographic from Adweek breaks down what marketers spoke about over the year, including plenty of analytics
'Call of Duty' Still The Best-Selling Game Of 2014 Despite Sales Slump
Despite the 27 percent year-over-year decline, this year's Call of Duty game continues to be a best-seller
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