Harebrained Schemes Plans the Return of 'Battletech'

CEO Jordan Weisman reveals the storied 'Battletech' is coming to PCs with grass-roots marketing.>

3 Trends in Gaming Tech That Could Shape the Future

Technology has always driven the video game market, and the future will be shaped by these trends

Brand Content On YouTube Is Booming

A new report from Pixability indicates that the top 100 brands on YouTube are creating better content and higher engagement

The International Set To Make eSports History

Valve's DotA 2 tournament The International makes history with $18 million in prizes and millions of fans

'Street Fighter V' Marketing: Slow and Steady Reveals

With regular Street Fighter V character reveals, Capcom is building excitement for its fighting game

'Halo 5' Tournament To Offer $1 Million

Microsoft is putting serious marketing muscle into eSports competition with Halo 5: Guardians

Instagram's API Rollout 'Breaks Down the Barrier to Entry For All Brands'

Instagram joins platforms like Facebook and Twitter in terms of accessibility to marketers

Epoxy: Helping Creators, Audiences, and Brands Stick Together

Juan Bruce, CEO and co-founder of Epoxy shares insights on tools for creators

Facebook Introduces Live Event Streams

Following in the footsteps of Snapchat and Twitter, Facebook recently debuted a live stream for the Lollapalooza event

Imgur Adds Advertisers

With a large audience under the age of 35, the video/photo site Imgur is starting to gain interest among advertisers

Instagram Cleaning Up In Display Ad Revenue

Instagram will make big money over the next couple of years from display ads, earning up to $2.81 billion by 2017

Can't Buy a Pip-Boy? Print Out Your Own

For those that didn't pre-order the Pip-Boy edition of the forthcoming Fallout 4, Bethesda has a viable – and printable – solution

Riot Games' Dustin Beck Discusses The Growth Of 'League Of Legends'

The man behind the eSports phenomenon explains how the game was designed as a sport

Hitbox Opens Livestream Revenue to All

Unlike Twitch and YouTube, livestreaming site Hitbox has opened up ad revenue to all livestreamers

Mobile and Video To Reach New Heights In 2016

A new report from Publicis' ZenithOptimedia shows that mobile video will grow along with online video

Kabam's 'Marvel: Contest of Champions' Hits Big

Kabam's Marvel: Contest of Champions mobile game has made $100 million in just seven months

Adult Swim Creates Spacious Rickstaverse With Instagram

As a tie-in with its hit show Rick & Morty, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim creates a huge, humorous universe to explore

Trailer Highlights: 'Super Mario Maker,' 'Black Mass' and more

Join Amanda and Stephen as they take a look at this week's biggest trailers

YouTuber Maddi Bragg: "YouTube Is A Place You Can Totally Be Yourself"

Maddi Bragg has literally grown up on YouTube, starting her channel when she was just 12

How Brands Are Getting Involved in the First Ever TwitchCon

Director of global events Amy Brady and SVP of marketing Matthew DiPietro discuss TwitchCon

ION Ranks Instagram's Biggest Style Influencers

ION takes a look at the top women's style influencers right now on Instagram

Marketers Take Full Advantage of VidCon's Presence

Along with providing the best in video talent, last week's VidCon show was also a big hit for companies

Costs Are Still Rising For Android and iOS App Installs

Cost-per-install is growing, increasing a small but steady percentage each month
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