The Numbers Behind YouTube's Gaming Videos
Tubular Labs infographic breaks down the numbers behind YouTube's biggest gaming videos>
Marriott Inks More YouTube Talent Deals, Casts First Short Film
The Marriott Content Studio unit has moved swiftly since launch to build an expansive content slate
This Week's [a]list Jobs - December 17th
We're bringing you this week's hottest listings: EA, Blizzard, Facebook and more are hiring!
5 Console Gaming Trends to Watch in 2015
Here's the major trends that will shape console gaming next year, and why
CREATIVE: Get Behind The Wheel Of Honda's Civic Type R With Xbox One
Honda takes you on an interactive experience around the Nürburgring in Forza Motorsport 5
Meet The World's First Social Currency: Chit
Chit is unlikely to take off with only $257 of the $67,000 required to fund, but the concept is here
Video Game Review Scores Still Matter
EEDAR explains why reviews are still important despite all the changes in the gaming marketplace
What Kept Marketers Awake In 2014
A new infographic from Adweek breaks down what marketers spoke about over the year, including plenty of analytics
'Call of Duty' Still The Best-Selling Game Of 2014 Despite Sales Slump
Despite the 27 percent year-over-year decline, this year's Call of Duty game continues to be a best-seller
Google Looks To Change Mobile Install Apps
The introduction of a new AdWords mobile app by Google could change the way that developers can link in-app content for users
What The World's Top Brands Are Doing On Facebook
Simply Measured's Q3 Facebook study shows some interesting insights into brands' social strategies
Seen Any Good Movies Lately? Netflix On Android Has
Video-streaming service launches “Social Recommendation” feature for Android devices
Hulu Nabs Exclusive Rights to More TV Shows from Disney/ABC
Hulu might be spending more on high-profile original series, but it’s certainly not at the expense of beefing up its TV library
5 Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch in 2015
The [a]listdaily predicts some of the key trends in mobile gaming next year
Mobile Beats Out Every Other Medium For Your Attention
Mobile reigns supreme over all other broadcast mediums, according to a series of reports
Game-a-Thon Gets Hosted At Coca-Cola's Headquarters
Twitch will livestream the Game-A-Thon 10 from Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta, starting today
F2P Takes 1/3 Of All Gaming Time And Other Need-To-Know Gaming Stats
Insights Meta has reported that both fully paid and free-to-play games are popular on PCs and consoles
Kabam Talks About Monetizing Mobile Games
Kabam has shown rapid growth, but there's still some ups and downs when it comes to monetizing mobile games
Sega Builds Real-Time Strategy Game 'Total War: Arena'
The developers of Alien: Isolation, The Creative Assembly, have announced their latest Sega project
What We Know About Millennial Media Consumption In 2014
With more and more companies reaching out to a millennial audience, media consumption keeps climbing
Viber Looks to Monetize with Social Gaming Service, "Social Graph"
Mobile messaging platform begins worldwide rollout of social-minded gaming service
Shanna Malcolm: 'You Have To Create A Space For People To Feel As Though They Get To Know You'
Shanna Malcolm has advice for brands and content creators
Cinedigm Unveils Content Lineup for Con TV Digital Channel
Con TV is a streaming channel devoted to geeks and pop culture fans within the global Comic-Con community
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