5 Mobile Gaming Trends to Watch in 2015
We predict some of mobile gaming's most important trends in the new year>
VIDEO: Kevin Winston On Mobile-First Marketing
DigitalLA founder gives his thoughts on mobile-first marketing strategies
How Game Marketing Will Change in 2015
Some ideas on the changes ahead for game marketing, and how you can prosper
New Hardware Rumored from Microsoft, Nintendo
Nintendo is hard at work on ideas for its next console, while Microsoft could jump into the virtual reality market next summer
Google Rolls Out Mobile Sales Tool
With the introduction of a "store visits" program, Google hopes to provide more insight between offline and online sales
'Install Addicts' Add To App Downloads
A new report from Flurry indicates that heavy users of mobile devices are causing an increase in the number of apps downloaded
Facebook Ads Outperforming Mobile Display
A report from Fiksu indicates that ads displayed to people on Facebook have a bigger impact than general mobile display ads
GE Breakdances Into Streaming Documentary
Industrial giant General Electric wants to get into the streaming business with its first feature film based on breakdancing
The Holiday Season's Ten Most-Viewed Ads
From heart-warming to hilarious, we take a look at the most popular ads of the 2014 holiday season
What Is Minecraft Creator Notch Doing In LA?
Notch has reportedly outbid music moguls Beyonce and Jay-Z for a fantasy estate in LA priced at $70 million
The US Online Video Market Is Getting Competitive — Here's the Data to Prove It
This year has been remarkable because of the emergence of a legitimate competitor to YouTube
App Annie Highlights Top Games For November
Candy Crush Soda Saga and Contract Killer both showed tremendous growth in the mobile gaming market for last month
CREATIVE: 2014's Top 12 Movie Trailers
It was a big year for movie trailers, but you might just be surprised what landed in the number one slot
Twitch's Remarkable Streaming Year
The streaming channel Twitch has had a remarkable year, between an investment by Amazon and several big numbers
Spotify's "Year In Music" Hits All The High Notes
Popular streaming music service says goodbye to record year with new interactive feature
UNICEF's Powerful Video Game Message
In the hopes of raising awareness in South Sudan, UNICEF pitched a video game showing a 7-year old's harrowing fight for survival
Christmas a Big Day For Online Devices
A report from Fast Company indicates that this will be the biggest holiday season for devices that are going online
Logitech's Craze With Creating The Perfect Gaming Mouse
See why the tech company chooses to spend millions on simple gaming peripherals
Mobile Game Marketing in 2015
How big brands, retargeting, programmatic buying and more will change the landscape
Dine Out Like It's 1989 At The World's First Pac-Man Restaurant
New restaurant in suburban Chicago, Illinois will be themed after the famous yellow dot-muncher
Vevo Arrives on Xbox One as Its App Viewership Spikes in 2014
The free new app utilizes a news feed make it easier for users to access the latest music videos and original shows
Sean 'Day9' Plott Talks What Brands Can Learn From Red Bull's eSports Marketing
World renowned eSports caster talks about his own After Hours Gaming League
Analyzing Mobile Game Spenders
Newzoo put together a report on mobile game spenders, with some important data
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