5 Super Powerful Lessons 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is Teaching Hollywood
What Hollywood is learning from this summer's blockbuster of unlikely heroes>
Gamer Loyalty Plays Into Profits
There's art and science in keeping gamers loyal, and greater profits for brands that succeed
Weekly Round-Up for August 29
On this long holiday weekend, make sure you're up-to-snuff with the latest [a]listdaily goodness
Why PAX Events Are Valued By Marketers
There's a reason the community-based events are such a huge draw
Your Weekend #MustReads for August 29
Some more interesting and informative content from around the Internet, lovingly hand-collated  by the [a]listdaily team 
Quiznos Makes New ToastyTV Featuring Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake
Quiznos’ new push to revamp its self-image has its consumers laughing (in a good way) at this one
Developers And Publishers Get Excited At Decreasing Cost For Mobile App Users
While the cost of acquiring mobile app users receded in July, it’s still uncomfortably high  
Microsoft Selling Xbox One Kinect Solo
The Xbox One's motion-sensitive Kinect device will go on sale on October 7th, complete with a game pack-in.
'MovieStarPlanet' partners with SuperAwesome
The ad network SuperAwesome has teamed up with virtual world MovieStarPlanet, with expectedly awesome results
How Do Movies Affect Moviegoers' Minds?
A new scientific research takes a look at how audience members react when watching certain movies
iPhone Users Plot to Upgrade
And you'd be surprised just how many people are looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6
Crowdfunding's Stretch Goals
Crowdfunding has hit new heights, and an expert says "it's very early days" still
Lessons for Marketers from Alibaba's Explosive Mobile Growth
People are not just consuming media on mobile, but shopping and spending money too
3 Types of Video Ads Brands Should Explore on YouTube
What’s better—forcing viewers to watch, or letting them choose whether or not they want to engage with your content?
Brands On Board Instagram's Hyperlapse Wagon
Instagram’s newest app begins a mad rush for brands to try their hand at creating Hyperlapses  
'Mission Majority' Game is the GOP's Bid to Win Back the Senate
Mission Majority is free-to-play, browser-based and 8-bit
Brand Interest in Snapchat Influencers is High
Snapchat celebs are hard to find as the platform does not have a discovery feature, but brands are interested  
Facebook's War on Click-Bait
As Facebook continues to position itself as a literal news feed, a new push hopes to improve user experience
Alibaba Betting Big on Kabam
COO Kent Wakeford explains why the overseas company has invested so much money in Kabam
The Sims: Gaming's Reality TV Equivalent
Electronic Arts will release the latest Sims game next month, and it's bound to bring a fairly large audience
Adidas Launches Predator Instinct Instagram Game
Consider this advertising program for Adidas' new shoe line the first truly interactive game experience for Instagram
New Survey Shows Trust in Branded Content
Trust in branded content is high and the advertorial remains effective
Homer Simpson Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge
The animated patriarch steps up and gets doused for a good cause, and opens up new possibilities for animated stars to take part
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