Hunting Whales and Golden Swans
If you want to build a sustainable game business, don't hunt whales and golden swans; diversify, experiment, and depend on proven brands>
PAX Prime Preview
What to expect from the PAX Prime show
'Prank It FWD' Campaign Comes Back in Time for the Holidays
The sneaky antics have returned and viewers can nominate people deserving of random acts of holiday cheer
Canadian Clothing Retailer Gives Instagram Influencers Free Reign
Aritzia is giving star Instagrammers the creative freedom to show off their own style with their products
EA CEO Andrew Wilson on Value
An in-depth interview with EA CEO Andrew Wilson shows his commitment to providing value for customers
PlayStation Series 'Powers' Casts Stars
Sony's original series for PlayStation, Powers, will star Sharlto Copley and Michelle Forbes
In the Niche SnapChat Leaves, Sobrr Gains Userbase Quickly
After just a month on the App Store, Sobrr sees marketing possibilities and fast growth
Almost All PC Games Are Downloaded
The latest info from DFC Intelligence shows that 92% of all PC games are downloaded these days
Mobile Games Growing Fast in Germany
Mobile games are rapidly increasing their share of total gaming market in Germany
Pinterest's Plan To Lure Males
Here's how Pinterest is trying to bring in males when over 70% of the user base is female
How Consoles Could Evolve, And Xbox One Could Beat PS4
PC and mobile graphics at least double every year while consoles remain the same – but there are possibilities for advancement
Sony: PS4 Success Vital For Industry
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Jim Ryan believes that the system’s success will move the entire industry forward
Here Are the Nominees for the 4th Annual Streamy Awards
The fourth annual awards ceremony takes place Sunday, September 7th in Beverly Hills
Unity's New Gaming Tech Astounds
You can now play plug-in free, browser-based games using Unity’s WebGL system with the full graphics power of the device0
Why Large Smartphones Are More Popular
A research report from Jana explains why the bigger the phone, the better for some people
MOBA Games Dominate Charts In China
Chinese net cafe gamers played 30 billion minutes of MOBA games in July
Programmatic Ad Spending Moving Towards Digital
Program-based ad spending is definitely on the rise in a new market.
Vizera Projection System Can Beautify Objects
Have an ugly couch? Project a better image onto it with this new tech
From Oprah to PewDiePie: Creating Win-Win Campaigns
Jim Louderback, Jeanette Liang, Phil Ranta and Rob Ciampa speak on how to create win-win campaigns
NPD July 2014: Software Heads South For the Summer
The PS4 and Xbox One are booming, but software is lagging behind last year – the [a]list daily analyzes the latest NPD numbers
The Best Game Trailers From Gamescom
Silent Hills, Assassin's Creed and more make the highlight reel
The Whistle Goes Live on Xbox 360
Sports-focused MCN The Whistle heads to Xbox 360 as a free app
Sony Gets Scary Good Results With P.T. Promotion
The ability to download an "interactive teaser" for an even bigger project has paid off for the company
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