An Influencer's Empire
The beginning of a series on the changing media landscape focuses on the new influencers and how they will change programmatic TV>
Game Marketing Summit Dazzles
The 2014 Game Marketing Summit had an impressive array of speakers with vital info for marketers
ION Launches Influencer Community
Ayzenberg's [ion] is offering rewards for [a]list daily readers
Wrong Kind of Viral? NYPD Twitter Backlash Spreads
What can be learned from this Twitter debacle
Here Comes the Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man 2 is launching on mobile and consoles
Dove #TrueBeauty Experiment Parodied
How real women might actually respond to the Dove study
PlayStation Home Gets Co-Op Emotes!
Convey all sorts of emotions, from the odd friend huge to the dudebro fist bump!
This Music Is on Fire
This visualization of sound using flames is impressive
Oculus Rift Goes To The Movies
Facebook's recently acquired Oculus Rift  virtual reality tech could go beyond gaming and create a cinema experience
Google Tries App-Install Ads
Google seeks to boost mobile ads through Search and YouTube
Xbox One Gets Japan Release Date
Microsoft's Xbox One will begin sales in Japan on September 4th
'Assassin's Creed' Franchise Sells Big
Ubisoft reports big numbers for the Assassin's Creed game series, as well as Just Dance
BlizzCon 2014 Announced For November
Blizzard's eighth annual BlizzCon convention will light up Anaheim this November
Wii U Sales Continue To Disappoint
The Wii U's sales pale in comparison to the competition – and older Nintendo systems
'Watch Dogs' Ready to Run
The Watch Dogs preview event reveals a game worthy of the excitement, and some marketing challenges ahead
Meet Dragon Age's Inquisitor
The sole survivor of a cataclysmic blast, the Inquisitor is the last hope for Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Time to Pay Up
What was once free is now paid media
'Batman Beyond' Short but Sweet
Artist Darwyn Cooke returns fans to the world of Batman Beyond
Combat From a Poro's Perspective
League of Legends shows us a diminutive poro in a harrowing journey onto the battlefield
Gary Busey Shouts at Amazon Fire TV
Because shouldn't high tech things listen to Gary Busey?
TV's Favorite Startup Gets an IRL Website
The landing page for HBO's Silicon Valley is arguably better than some in real life
PlayStation Now Service Detailed
Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service is revealing some new features as the beta test continues
King Opens Office In Japan
King, makers of Candy Crush Saga, is determined to pick up marketing efforts overseas
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