Samsung Gear VR Heads to Hollywood
Filmmakers are beginning to experiment with the possibilities inherent in immersing people entirely in a world, but the technical issues are vast>
Playing Hard at GameStop Expo
GameStop holds a manager training and consumer show as the retailer battles for growth
[a]list Summit: Mobile Marketing Comes to The W Hollywood Hotel December 3rd
Why we chose to focus on mobile marketing for the 10th [a]list Summit
Rhett & Link Predict the Future of Video on 'Ear Biscuits'
The idea of a future in which our way of life has completely altered lurks potentially just around the corner
Michelin's Newest Social Campaign Gets Participants Geocaching
There are 2,000 Michelin man tire gauges out there hiding for geocachers to find
Microsoft Completes Acquisition of Mojang
Microsoft has acquired Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion
AMC Picks Up 'Humans' from Xbox Entertainment Studios
The AMC network is assisting Xbox Entertainment Studios on producing the new 'Humans' series
Marketers: More Brand Awareness Efforts, Please
Brand awareness spending could be on the rise, according to a new poll
PewDiePie Teams with MLG for eSports
The popular YouTuber PewDiePie teams up with MLG to bring his popular video act to a new streaming front
Publisher Prepares For Cloud Gaming Future
Telltale Games, the publisher of various episodic games, wants to grasp the cloud medium to make bigger stories
The Secret of PAX
The PAX Prime show was a massive success, and it's an important place for game marketers
Budweiser Creates Promotion to Send A Beer To Your Bud
'Buds for Buds' is clever campaign to get people to share a beer with someone no matter where they are
Defy Launches Break Media App for Xbox
With the app, the team behind the humor site will offer a curated selection of video content 
New iPhones 'On Par With Next-Gen'
EA's head of mobile Frank Gibeau is very excited about the new iPhone models from Apple
Cord-Cutting Continues To Grow
Cord-cutting is going to be even more popular over the next year, as cable companies react
Facebook Getting User Input on Ads
Facebook will use feedback from users to refrain from serving some ads
Microsoft Tests Game Streaming
Microsoft could be sending Xbox games to your browser via streaming
YouTube's Ad Share Under Assault
YouTube gets nearly 20% of US digital video ad revenue, but other sites are growing
GamesBeat 2014 Preview
This year's GamesBeat promises to be the best ever, with a collection of top industry figures sharing insights
NPD August 2014: Consoles Stay Strong
Once again, consoles are selling well at retail, but software still lags behind last year
Amazon Appstore Could Rival Google Play
A growth in apps and revenue could make Amazon's Appstore just as popular with mobile users as Google's Play Store
'Disney Infinity' Getting a Guardian Boost
Disney Infinity this year promises to be a best-seller, thanks to the tie-in with the successful Guardians of the Galaxy film
Reaching Female Millennials Isn't Easy
Trying to reach a female millennial audience in the United States isn't as easy as it looks, according to a new eMarketer report
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