#MustReads for August 22
Some of the interesting content from around the Internet, lovingly hand-collated for your editifcation and amusement
GameStop Rides the Next-Gen Wave
GameStop beat analyst estimates with a great quarter, but its success is a complex thing
Comcast to Launch Internet TV Service for College Kids (AKA 'Cord-Nevers')
The latest attempt to get millennials to pay for TV as companies aren’t willing to let go of the TV model
Meeker Highlights Emerging Internet Trends
Famed Internet analyst Mary Meeker points out the five emerging Internet trends  to watch in the next few years
Brands Are Beginning To Show An Interest With 'The Whistle'
With over 1 billion views under its belt, the YouTube all-star is setting its sight on a new goal: Xbox
Oculix Introducing Movies To Oculus Rift
Think of Oculix as a Netflix alternative for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device
Pikachu May Be the Next Consumer Icon
Popular Pokemon character Pikachu could become the most recognized animated face among consumers
Instagram Gives Brands Campaign Data Tools
Marketers have been waiting a long time for Instagram to provide data tools for campaigns, and they are here
'Yoga Retreat' Having a Real Effect
Users could be inspired to do yoga by playing the new mobile game Yoga Retreat
Acura Lets You Build Cars With Tweets
Build your Acura dream ride within 140 characters, on Twitter
SuperData July 2014: US Digital Sales Rise
SuperData says the US market totals $851 million in July, and provides some exclusive commentary
Is Twitter The Only Authentic Platform With Its User Content?
Why Facebook is undermining its efforts to become a veritable news provider
HP Makes TV Ad Entirely Of Vines
Hewlett-Packard has enlisted some social media star-power for its latest campaign
Leak Reveals More Info on YouTube's Music Service
We might finally have some concrete information on how the service will function
Sony Ponders 10 Million PS4 Sales
Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida wonders why Sony has sold 10 million PS4 consoles so far
Snapchat May Introduce Ads and Videos
The popular Snapchat photo site could be launching a new avenue of service
Madden NFL 15's Unusual Ad Blitz
EA Sports' Anthony Stevenson talks about the new direction for the forthcoming sequel's promotion
Sqor Social Network Caters To Fans
The new social network Sqor allows fans to talk about sports and play a few games as well
Integrating Google Glass Into the Workspace
Thalmic Labs's armband controller can integrate Google Glass into the workplace, the company believes
Tim Howard Partners with Marriott for #LoveTravels Campaign
An avid traveler, star soccer player Tim Howard gets involved in #LoveTravels
Google Introducing Accounts For Younger Users
Accounts for younger users could open up a new market for Google, although it may have its share of problems
Tiltify CEO: Use ESports For Charity Fundraising
Tiltify's new platform taps into livestreaming to offer gamers and charities a way to connect and raise money
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