Newzoo/Overwolf's Top 20 PC Games for September
The top remains stable, but change is growing further down the list. We analyze what's going on>
PlayStation 4 Getting Innovative Firmware Update
In addition to background themes, Sony's forthcoming update for the PlayStation 4 will also bring customization, library sorting and other options
OnLive Teams With Samsung For Gaming
Samsung has teamed up with cloud gaming service OnLive to provide three months of free games to Galaxy Note 4 owners
Twitter Trying Music With Audio Cards
With the Audio Card, Twitter users will be able to broadcast music straight from their profile, as well as select podcasts
Nissan: Digital Is Changing Car Advertising
Nissan's CMO Roel de Vries explains how a shift to digital means for car advertising could change things
Brands Going For a Funnier Approach
More campaigns are aiming for a more humorous approach these days, as a number of companies are using comedians and entertainers
NPD Retail September 2014: Hardware in High Gear
The latest NPD numbers show massive hardware sales with disappointing software sales
Apple Introduces Slew of New Devices
Two new iPad models, a 5K Retina iMac and a new Mac Mini lead the charge for the company's holiday line-up
Google's Set-Top Box Entry: Nexus
Google has introduced the new Nexus set-top box that utilizes Android apps and streaming services, and goes for a very reasonable $99
Teaser Campaigns Return On Social Media
Offering up "teasers" for forthcoming releases could be a big hit on the social media front, according to the latest examples
Netflix Kids Shows Have High Viewership
Over 75 shows offered on the Netflix streaming service have managed to amass more than two million viewers in the U.S.
CBS Launching On-Demand Subscription Service
Following right behind HBO Go, CBS has announced its own subscription service. But can a general network make it work?
U by Kotex Inks Brand/Producer Deal for Smokebomb's Transmedia Series 'Carmilla'
Feminine care goes transmedia with this interesting marketing campaign
SuperData September 2014 Report: Digital's Strong Growth
Old and new brands drive growth in $873M digital games market, and SuperData's CEO analyzes it
Sony Drafts eSports League
Sony has stepped up to support a new eSports league, which will run a number of tournaments for different games
'World of Warcraft' Subscriptions Pick Up
World of Warcraft gains a surpising 700,000 subscriptions  with the forthcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion set to release next month
HBO Cuts the Cable
Popular cable channel HBO finally caves in and will provide an option to purchase a stand-alone streaming subscription for HBO Go next year
'Friends' Coming To Netflix Next Year
The entire run of NBC's highly popular sitcom Friends will make its debut early next year on the streaming channel – and there's a fun promo video to boot
Warner Bros. Slates Superhero Movies
Everyone from the Man of Steel to Aquaman will be getting their own features, and two Justice League movies are on the way
The Winner of the Console Wars
Revealing the winner of the console wars this Christmas... and it's not who you think
Mozilla and Humble Bundle Bring Indie Games to Browsers
Gaming's undergoing a revolution when indie games, WebGL, and innovative marketing combine
Xbox One Outsells PS4 In September
Microsoft's console may have a jump on the holiday market, as analyst Michael Pachter reports that it's topped Sony in sales numbers last month
Millennial Spending Grows, But Oddly
A new report indicates the strange market of millennial spending, but shows that they'll ultimately be on the rise over the next few years
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