Samsung Gear VR Heads to Hollywood
Filmmakers are beginning to experiment with the possibilities inherent in immersing people entirely in a world, but the technical issues are vast>
GamesBeat 2014: The View From EA and Nexon
What Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson and Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney shared at GamesBeat
Mobile Video For Brand and Entertainment Marketers
Mobile provides more opportunities for marketers to be part of the consumer’s endless stream in a variety of ways
Tumblr Is the Wealthiest Social Platform
Tumblr stands head and shoulders above other social platforms when it comes to median household income
Double Fine Ready To Try Publishing
Long-time developer Double Fine opens a new publishing arm that could bring changes for the better
Music Apps Grabbing More Time
Users are spending much more time with services like Pandora and Spotify, according to a new report by Localytics
Maker Studios' Branded Series Pairs Chocolate with YouTubers
A new branded series from Maker Studios features several major YouTubers
Amazon Tops List of Google Search Advertisers
Amazon has spent over $158 million on Search Ads over the previous year, leading the list of the top 25 Google advertisers
Twitter, the Game Seller's Friend
Twitter UK's Samir Bhana believes that Twitter could be a game changer for companies looking to sell their game products
New VR Headset Kickstarting
Joining the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, Vrvana is looking to raise funds on Kickstarter for a worthy VR headset competitor
eSports Reaches Tipping Point
Media brands scramble to get involved, says Newzoo in a new study    
Why eSports Will Rise On Mobile Devices
Skillz operates more than 50,000 tournaments a da,y and has paid out more than $1.5 million in eSports prizes since January
DoubleVerify Taps Veenome to Help Advertisers Avoid Unsafe Videos
Customers will be able to learn which categories of content to avoid for a particular advertiser or campaign
A Peek At Marketers' Social Media Strategies
How important is social media to marketers and what metrics and content are most key?
Best Cinematic Trailers For the Week
A tank, music videos and video games highlight this week's cinematic trailer round-up
'Super Smash Bros.' Sells Big For Nintendo
With a million copies sold in Japan in just two days, Super Smash Bros. could turn around Nintendo's fortunes
Twitch Debuts Its Services on Chromecast
Google's digital media device Chromecast gets a gaming boost with the addition of Twitch services
Streaming TV Devices Leading Close Race
It's too soon to tell a winner between Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast just yet
Hologram Promotion For 'Disney Infinity 2.0'
The Incredible Hulk recently made a big splash in London for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes
This Week's [a]list Jobs - September 17th
We're bringing you this week's hottest listings: Blizzard, Hulu, A&E and more are hiring!
Playing Hard at GameStop Expo
GameStop holds a manager training and consumer show as the retailer battles for growth
[a]list Summit: Mobile Marketing Comes to The W Hollywood Hotel December 3rd
Why we chose to focus on mobile marketing for the 10th [a]list Summit
Rhett & Link Predict the Future of Video on 'Ear Biscuits'
The idea of a future in which our way of life has completely altered lurks potentially just around the corner
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