The Winner of The Console Wars
Revealing the winner of the console wars this Christmas... it's not who you think>
Latin America: The $4.5 Billion Game Market
The Latin American game market is growing rapidly, and we dive into the details
Mobile Ad Money Shifting Next Year
A report from Advertiser Perceptions takes a closer look at where advertising will shift over the next year, with mobile still playing a part
Reddit Introduces Kickstarter-Style Crowdfunding
Reddit's Redditmade project is meant to help users sell current products, although the taste of said products is still in question
How Interstitial Advertising Clicks With Brains
The psychology of the interstitial can play a huge part when it comes to how certain ads connect with us
Subaru's Memory Lane Ad Pokes Fun
Car manufacturer Subaru has posted an amusing ad that playfully pokes fun – at itself – while taking a trip to Woodstock
Stephen Colbert Tackles GamerGate Head-On
Stephen Colbert finally takes on the controversial topic of GamerGate, along with an interview with Anita Sarkeesian
CREATIVE: Honda Shows You 'The Other Side'
Honda's latest YouTube campaign is a bit different from anything you've seen
Hulu Orders Half-Hour Comedy Series from Jason Reitman, Lionsgate
Hulu has stated its desire to bet bigger on original programming in an effort to compete with Netflix and Amazon
Electronic Arts Powers Ahead
EA's earnings report shows strength, and we analyze the results
For Millennials, Halloween Means Business
Now the 2nd highest grossing holiday, Halloween presents an opportunity to interact with millennials in all kinds of fun ways
CREATIVE: Top Trailers For the Week: October 29th
Sony's latest update and the Avengers' inability to pick the hammer up highlight this week's best video clips
Nintendo Earning a Profit Again
Nintendo has garnered a profit once more, and Wii U and 3DS sales have picked up over the past few months
Oculus-Powered Collider To Involve Users
Utilizing a powerful mixture of beautiful visual and stimulating music, Funkotronics Labs' Collider project could be a must for Oculus Rift users
Measuring Male and Female Gaming Audiences
Numbers indicate that the differences between male and female gaming audiences are there, but their numbers almost average out
Fabric Helping Twitter's Growth
No, not actual fabric, but a new set of tools that were unveiled this past week, enabling developers to integrate more services
Mobile Users Prefer Ad-Based Apps
A survey from The Digital Advertising Alliance shows that users prefer free, ad-based apps over paid
Ayzenberg Group Bolsters Brand Leadership Team
Senior brand executives Matt Rice and Justin Kirby bring their award-winning talents to Ayzenberg Group 
Now on Tumblr, Autoplay Video Ads by Hulu, Universal, and More
All ads will play automatically without sound, but they’ll appear in-stream for users on laptops and mobile devices
This Week's [a]list Jobs - October 29th
We're bringing you this week's hottest listings: Twitch, MTV, Hulu and more are hiring!
Automating Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing gets automated with Singular's service, and the CEO gives us the details
Marvel Announces Epic Film Slate
Marvel's "Phase 3" films include two forthcoming Avengers sequels, and some heroes never seen on film before
Mobile App Marketing Costs Rising
App marketing costs have apparently reached an alarming new ceiling, according to a research report over at Fiksu
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