Why Tabletop Games Thrive and the Lesson for Video Games
Steve Peterson examines tabletop gaming's enduring success and its lessons for video games>
PAX South's Major Impact
The success of the latest Penny Arcade Expo event means a great deal to companies – especially those in the Texas area
'Best Fiends' YouTube Success With PewDiePie Shows The Impact Of Influence
What happens when an app like Best Fiends gets the backing of a popular YouTube star like PewDiePie?
December App Downloads Show 'The New Reality Of Apps'
Last month showed a dramatic increase in the number of app downloads – but there's cause for concern with rising CPI
Virtual Reality Changing the Game At Sundance
A collaboration from Spike Jonze and Chris Milk on the virtual reality front could shake up the Sundance festival
Imagining An Abstract Version Of The Internet With Google's Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt sees a future in which the Internet will virtually "disappear," but what does this mean for marketing?
5 Hot Trends in Indie Gaming That AAA Game Studios Need to Learn
We go in depth on the indie gaming trends big studios can stand to learn from
Speculating About Upcoming Android Phones
The season for new Android phones is almost here, and we analyze the rumors
CREATIVE: Watch These Game Trailers
This week's highlights? Pokemon meets Tekken, Sid Meier goes back to space and a Kickstarter game isn't afraid of a little gore
App Store Revenues Beat Hollywood Box Office
The App Store had a banner year in 2014, and it's now more lucrative than US box office for movies
'Summoners War' Employs Influencer Marketing Campaign With Street Art
The new mobile game Summoners War from Com2us uses Vine influencers and street artist Meggs
Ello Just Might Say 'Ello' To Advertising After All
New loophole in ad-allergic social network’s policy could allow third-party services to share ads
Why You Should Care About The Podcast Resurgence
Podcasts are more popular than ever with with an affluent and young audience of listeners
CREATIVE: Air France Gets People Playing At The Departure Gates
Air France's newest promo involves getting people to play Cloud Slicer for a chance at an upgrade
Tumblr's Creatrs Program Matches Campaigns With Artists
Tumblr makes it easy for marketers to tap into Tumblr's artists for content with the Creatrs program today
Sony Music Entertainment Publishes Mobile Game
Sony Music Entertainment has released Rockin' Goat, an adventure game for mobile with Sony music artists featured
App Annie's December 2014 Mobile Games Report
New companies appear in top downloads, but revenue is dominated by the familiar
Divnich: 'Most Opportunistic Times' for Developers
Former EEDAR analyst and now Tilting Point strategy VP Jesse Divnich talks about the state of the industry
2014 a Record Year for Game M&A
Digi-Capital reports that 2014 hit a new high of $24 billion for exits, but it's tough times for mid-tier
The Twitter Algorithms Have Begun
A new feature rolled out on Twitter on Wednesday will show tweets missed when users weren't looking
Microsoft Adds New Dimensions in Gaming
Microsoft makes Windows 10 free across all devices, adds Xbox, and shows its holographic tech
Everything You Need To Know About Today's Windows 10 Event
Microsoft's commits to gaming as it goes cross-platform while the HoloLens sees beyond
CREATIVE: Here's Your Survival Guide To 'Evolve'
A glorious seven minute-long survival guide will show you everything you could possibly want to know about Evolve
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