mNectar's Playable App Platform Supercharges Engagement
The CEO of mNectar talks about how their app streaming technology gets 4x the retention of standard ads>
Streaming Games Success is Elusive
The technology for streaming games is maturing and appearing everywhere, but it's yet to make a major impact on the market – will that change?
5 Questions With Olga Kay
[a]listdaily talks to YouTuber Olga Kay about creating content, gaming and Operation: Moosh Clump
Facebook Covertly Poised to Take Over Video Space
The signs that point to Facebook stealthily readying itself to take on YouTube
Expedia Throws It Back With #TBT
Expedia will give winners the opportunity to indulge their nostalgia and return to the place where they took their favorite #TBT
'Super Zero' Takes On Stereotypes
A comic book-loving gamer is the unlikely hero of this short film
Today's Video: 'League of Legends' Cinematic
Riot Games showcases its amazing animation talent with A New Dawn while promoting interest in League of Legends
The VR Battle Gets Real
We now have Oculus VR, Sony, Samsung and Google competing in virtual reality (VR) – a look at the players in this market
China Telecom to Sell Xbox One
Microsoft's lined up China's largest broadband provider for the launch of the Xbox One in China
Movie Games Show Progress At Comic-Con
Updates on The Last of Us, Uncharted and Warcraft were delivered to audiences at the San Diego Comic Con
Microsoft Tries A new Direction For Gaming: HTML 5
Microsoft makes the classic Settlers of Catan board game available in HTML 5 so it plays on any browser
Big Brands Gravitating Towards eSports
Male millennials are spending a record amount of time watching professional video game tournaments
Casual Connect 2014: Sage Advice For Mobile Games
Two seasoned industry executives, Gordon Walton and Eric Goldberg, offered advice on how to succeed in mobile gaming
GrowthBeat — August 5-6, 2014
The data, apps, and science of successful marketing
Google (Reportedly) Finally Buys Twitch for $1 Billion
After months of rumors, it seems it's finally happened
Internet Celebrities Fine Bros. Debut New React Channel
“Instead of slowing down, we’re saying, how far can a company that could never have existed in the old system go?”
Major Copyright Suit Filed Against YouTuber
Old media files suit against new media, as Ultra Records claims copyright infringement by popular YouTube star Michelle Phan
That Darth Car Is Some Hot Wheels
Mattel has the hottest ride at San Diego Comic Con to promote its new Star Wars Hot Wheels line
Up To Half of Redbox Rentals Result in Purchase
Game rentals turn out to be an excellent way to encourage purchases according to Redbox rental service
The Ghost in the Xbox Machine
How video games can be emotionally charged no matter what they are supposedly about
When Facebook Ads Aren't Ads
Facebook is hitting new heights with ad revenue, but one format is sneaking in unpaid
3BlackDot Ties Game And IP Creation With Sponsors
Ex-Machinima execs Angelo Pullen and Luke Stepleton talk about opportunities YouTube influences open up for brands in this exclusive interview
What Facebook's Q2 Earnings Tell Us About The Future of Advertising
Facebook's 61 percent revenue growth points to the effectiveness of native ads
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