'World of Warcraft' Wants You To Share In-Game 'Selfies'

Blizzard has added a new layer of meta social humor to World of Warcraft>

The Game Is Changing for Public Relations

PR pros explain how their job has changed, and what's needed for effective PR for games

#TheDress, Buzzfeed and the Brandwagon

#TheDress and now llamas? Marketers tap into real-time marketing phenoms as social takes precedence

Hollywood Values Tweets Highly

Tweets and other social media have a bigger value with Hollywood films than most in the industry would believe

Mobile Cost Per Loyal User Hits Record

Fiksu's measure of how much it costs to acquire a loyal user is at an all-time high of $2.90

Why 'Fable Legends' Going F2P Matters

Lionhead Studios' decision to make the Xbox One/PC game Fable Legends free-to-play is important

Issues Need Addressing For eSports To Grow

Twitch COO Kevin Lin likes the progress of eSports, but notes things that could use smoothing over

At the Intersection of Hollywood and VR, There Are Possibilities

What needs to happen for VR to become a viable commercial platform for the entertainment industry

SuperData: January 2015 Top 10 Digital Console Sales

Horror duo Dying Light and Resident Evil HD Remaster surprise in $263M digital console market

Why Gamers Flock to eSports Events

Eventbrite's survey explains why gamers are heading to live eSports events when they could stream it instead

YouTube Relaxed On Enforcement Of Branded Content

Even with its somewhat strict paid product promotion policy updates, YouTube is taking it a bit easy when it comes to enforcement

Google Builds A Robot Gaming Pro

Google's new robot has AI that lets it master some types of video games

Microsoft And Universal Get 'Fast And Furious' With 'Forza'

Microsoft and Universal have teamed up to offer a new expansion to racing game Forza Horizon 2 – featuring cars from the forthcoming Furious 7

Some Amiibos, New 3DS XL Selling Out

Some of the interactive Amiibo toys are getting tougher to come by, and the new Nintendo 3DS XL has performed well on the market

Where Brands and Fashion Meet Gaming

CrowdStar's Covet Fashion game is making an impact with women and with brands, and CEO Jeffrey Tseng tells us how

Special Report: The Top Ten Gaming YouTubers

ION's latest Top Ten list covers the very best of the best when it comes to YouTube sensations that focus on gaming

Spotify Learns From Its Music Business

During a VentureBeat Mobile Summit this week, Spotify's Brian Benedik broke down just how data collection works with its userbase

OWSLA Brings the Music With New Twitch Channel

Ready to bring a variety of music to Twitch fans, OWSLA has announced a 24 hour streaming of customized tunes

Telltale Games Has a New Story To Tell

A new deal with Lionsgate and the addition of a former EA CEO to the board could mean big things for the growing game studio

'Crowfall': A Different MMO With Different Marketing

A unique MMO/RTS hybrid has begun a Kickstarter, and the marketing is as unusual as the design

Pinterest Wants To Entice You With A New Ad Unit and App Discovery

A lot has been happening at Pinterest lately. Here's what you should know

Digital TV Ad Market Continues To Bloom

Through a number of charts and other research, Digiday has managed to break down just how successful the digital TV ad market is

Google's Jason Spero On Getting Mobile Marketing Right

Google VP of performance media Jason Spero has novel advice about the ideal marketing for today's business
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