Why Tabletop Games Thrive and the Lesson for Video Games
Steve Peterson examines tabletop gaming's enduring success and its lessons for video games>
Electronic Arts Becomes World's #1 Console Game Publisher
EA had a tremendous holiday quarter with record results, and we analyze its future
CREATIVE: Scripted Series Comes To Snapchat Courtesy Of AT&T
YouTube celebs Freddie Wong and Harley Morenstein come to the small screen in SnapperHero
Apple Sales Soar, Dominates Smartphones
Apple set new records for sales last quarter with 74.5 million iPhones sold, leading all other smartphone makers
How Facebook Is Ushering In The Post-Click Era
With a new conversion lift measurement system in place, Facebook could be changing digital media as companies know it
20 Percent Of Gamers Are Mobile-Only
People spend more time playing games on mobile devices than ever before – and that could be good news for potential releases.
Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and More Are Now Hiring For January 28th
This week's [a]list job openings from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, and more
Non-Gaming Brands Invest in eSports
The eSports phenonemon has grown to a level where major global brands are building it into marketing plans
Gaming's Top Instagrams You Should Be Following
We have a rundown of the gaming world's Instagram glitterati that you should follow ASAP
Snapchat Differentiates Itself From Other Social Networks With 'Discover' Feature
Snapchat's newest feature is more than just a vehicle for selling ads, but a reimagining of the platform
CREATIVE: 10 Most-Shared Super Bowl Ads of All Time
In honor of this beloved, commercial content, this list showcases the top 10 most shared Super Bowl ads of all time
'World of Warcraft' Wants You To Share In-Game 'Selfies'
New feature allows players to take character selfies with Instagram-esque filters
Story Studio Prepares For Oculus Storytelling Challenges
A new project being headed by Oculus VR could help filmmakers overcome difficulties when it comes to making films for the device
Riot Games' Sad Mummy Is Music To Players' Ears
Riot Games showcases a new video highlighting one of its characters as part of a tie-in with a new soundtrack release
We Shouldn't Worry About Mobile Games
Why the former head of OMGPop is wrong about games being an endangered activity
How Fantasy Sports Could Help eSports Become Mainstream
AlphaDraft combines Fantasy Sports and pro-gaming so League of Legends fans can strategize and win real money
PAX South's Major Impact
The success of the latest Penny Arcade Expo event means a great deal to companies – especially those in the Texas area
'Best Fiends' YouTube Success With PewDiePie Shows The Impact Of Influence
What happens when an app like Best Fiends gets the backing of a popular YouTube star like PewDiePie?
December App Downloads Show 'The New Reality Of Apps'
Last month showed a dramatic increase in the number of app downloads – but there's cause for concern with rising CPI
Virtual Reality Changing the Game At Sundance
A collaboration from Spike Jonze and Chris Milk on the virtual reality front could shake up the Sundance festival
Imagining An Abstract Version Of The Internet With Google's Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt sees a future in which the Internet will virtually "disappear," but what does this mean for marketing?
5 Hot Trends in Indie Gaming That AAA Game Studios Need to Learn
We go in depth on the indie gaming trends big studios can stand to learn from
Speculating About Upcoming Android Phones
The season for new Android phones is almost here, and we analyze the rumors
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