GDC Announcements Shape the Future

GDC announcements have given a glimpse of where the industry is headed, giving us plenty to talk about>

SXSW Interactive's Director On How The Event Has Evolved

We spoke to director of SXSW Interactive, Hugh Forrest, about brand interest and growth of the Gaming Expo

Cupcakes, Poodles and Burgers Galore! Here Are The Top 10 Foodies On YouTube

The TV cooking show format has nothing on these entertaining foodie YouTubers

Multi-Platform Viewing in the US: More Are Watching 'Anytime, Anywhere'

As fewer people are tuning into linear TV, more of then are getting their viewing fix online

Wargaming Expands Their ESports Focus

We talked to Oscar Miranda, head of North American eSports at Wargaming about their big aspirations for eSports

Zynga's 'Dawn of Titans' May Conquer Action-Strategy

Natural Motion's CEO Torsten Reil gives us exclusive insights on how Dawn of Titans reshapes its mobile genre

GDC 2015 Day 2: New Hardware, New Console War Front

New hardware announced at GDC will have consoles fighting PCs for living room dominance

Immerse Yourself in the World of These 11 Virtual Reality Companies

Hint: It's not just Oculus. Here's a bevy of VR companies to keep your eyes on

Facebook's Mobile-First Future

During Mobile World Congress this week, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about mobile's entwining with our lives

Can 'House of Cards' Help 'Monument Valley' Sell?

Netflix’s popular House of Cards show could influence a boost in sales for the game

Twitch Stands To Benefit From Expansion Into Poker

Twitch adds poker to their collection with initial trial runs already showing big results

Now Hiring The Week: March 4th

NBCUniversal, Google, Sony Pictures and more are hiring for marketing positions this week!

Fantasy eSports Company Vulcun Offers $1 Million In Prizes Out Of The Gate

Focusing on League of Legends, Vulcun has a prodigious start with over $1 million in prizes for fans to win

All Eyes Are On Pinterest's User Growth

Pinterest may not be the biggest and baddest platform yet, but this year it is a force to be reckoned with

WATCH THIS: 'Age of Yahoo' Trailer for 'Community' Season Six

The 6th season of Community's new life on Yahoo Screen is looking like a big one

What Millennials Really Want (And Don't)

A new report shows just how differently millennials prioritize things than their parents

Game Development On The Rise Worldwide

A new spending report indicates that smaller countries could be on the rise when it comes to game development

Core Gamers Drive PC Game Sales

A new report coming from Open Gaming Alliance indicates that PC game sales could reach an all-time high

Some Hard-Earned Advice On How To Get The Most Out Of Attending A Conference

Use these tips to have a great time at events like GDC, PAX, SXSW and more

Tapjoy's Marketing Automation Takes Gaming to a New Level

Tapjoy's CEO, CMO and chief product officer explain how their new platform unlocks value from the non-payers

So When Will Virtual Reality Reach the Masses? The End of 2016?

We’ve established that interest in virtual reality is growing, but it’s difficult to say how much

Valve and HTC's VR Device Could Be First To Market

Valve will make waves this week with its new virtual reality headset – but what's more, it could be first to sell

March's Biggest Events For Marketers: GDC, PAX East and More

Your calendar is chock-full of events this month. Here's what we're looking forward to in the coming week
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