How NOT To Market Games

5 ways to completely screw up your game's marketing>

Smart Marketing for Educational Apps

The Launchpad tablet enables Fingerprint to reach new markets, and developers get great exposure

'Forza Horizon 2' Gets 'Fast & Furious'

Microsoft has released a free standalone version of Forza Horizon 2, with a franchise tie-in to Furious 7

Supercell Discusses Its Successful Super Bowl Ad

There was a lot of thought that went into Supercell's Super Bowl ad for Clash of Clans

Android Tops iOS In Game Sessions

Android gameplay sessions have finally topped those for iOS, but the real question is what's next

Facebook, Twitter To Lead Digital Display Market By 2017

A new report from eMarketer shows Facebook and Twitter leading social media with digital display ads

Counting Down ION's Top Techies

These days, everything revolves around the latest tech. Some top YouTubers are tapping into this

5 Hacks for Niche Video Content Owners and Creators to Win in 2015

Advice on knowing your viewer, taking risks and more

VIDEO: Engaging Players For 'Fate Tectonics'

How Golden Gear engages with its audience with social media and events for Fate Tectonics

VR, the Future, and Marketing

Oculus' Michael Abrash explained VR, and we analyze the potential for marketers

A Hands-On Approach To Virtual Reality

Could hand-tracking be the ultimate control option for virtual reality games?

Media Companies Love Snapchat, and Here's Why

An explanation from Re/code breaks down why media companies are clamoring over Snapchat

The Must-Know Tricks for Growing Your Audience on YouTube

When it comes to growing your audience, there are several important things to consider

Twitter Takes On Live Video With Periscope

With the new Periscope video app, Twitter intends to beat the streaming competition at its own game

Russia Gets a Free-To-Play Version of 'Halo'

The popular Xbox shooting series Halo is getting a new Online edition, exclusively for release in Russia

Director Jorge R. Gutierrez On Why Hollywood Is Excited About VR

Gutierrez saw his dream project become a reality in Hollywood, although it took 14 years

VIDEO: Adult Swim Games On Working With Indies

Adult Swim taps into their dedicated viewers to help indie developers grow their audience

Facebook Announces Free Analytics, Messenger as Platform

Facebook's importance for game marketers just took a huge leap, and AppsFlyer's CEO comments

F8's Biggest Announcements Today

Everything you need to know about Facebook's F8 announcements for marketers

Measuring Branded Video Success

Making a top brand video takes work, and a new infographic shows how they perform on different channels

Here's How Facebook Plans to Get More Creators to Upload Natively

It's no secret Facebook wants video creators to upload content directly now

Vrideo Ready To Tackle Virtual Reality

L.A. based start-up video company Vrideo vows to become the YouTube of virtual reality with financial backing

YouTube Reintroducing Live Service For Gaming, eSports

In an effort to compete with Twitch, YouTube will relaunch its live service with an emphasis on eSports and gaming
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