Raptr CEO Dennis Fong Talks Esports
Before he ran several successful video game ventures, Raptr CEO Dennis Fong was an early eSports star>
Sony Considering PlayStation Now Subscription Plan
Sony is looking to ccreate interest in its streaming game service PlayStation Now with the launch of a public beta
3BlackDot Responds To YouTube Promotion Concerns
"We do not believe authenticity and compensation are mutually exclusive," according to3BlackDot, talking about content sponsorship
Binge Viewers Want Ad-Free TV
Binge viewing continues to be the big thing for streaming services, and there's a good reason
'Enemy Front' To Provide History Lesson
Action gaming is good, but CI Games is out to make a point with Enemy Front
What Marketers Can Learn From 'Gen Z'
Some new charts break down what marketers can learn from a new generation
The [a]list summit Report
Tune in to this article throughout the day to see updates from the [a]list summit
Brands and eSports: The Opportunities Are Growing
At the recent Casual Connect, brand and eSports execs spoke about the growing opportunities for the two to work together
Jason Kilar's Vessel Targeting Premium Short-Form Video Creators for Streaming Platform
A new player in the scene emerges to be added to the list of companies taking on YouTube
Twitter Considering Change That Could Make Everyone A User
New statements from Twitter CEO Dick Costolo could spell big changes for brands
Activision Leaves Mark With Destiny Beta
The beta for Bungie's forthcoming sci-fi shooter has drawn in a huge audience
Harry Potter Global Development Team Formed
Warner Bros. has expanded the partnership with the Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling into a wide variety of media
Can Advertisers Keep Up With Television?
The changing landscape requires certain steps to be taken for advertisers to keep up with the massive changes in television
Digital Transformation Coming Fast
The latest marketing data shows a huge shift to the digital realm for all sorts of businesses, and digital marketing is taking over
The Cost of Indie Games On Xbox One
So how much does it take to add an indie video game release on the Xbox Live Marketplace?
Everything You Need To Know for [a]list summit
What will attendees get from the [a]list summit? Here's the info on who you'll see and the key learnings
Comic-Con Delivers Fan-tastic Celebration of Digital
Highlights from the digital space at this year's San Diego Comic Con
EA's Access Program For Xbox One
Electronic Arts introduces a new "on-demand" game service for owners of Microsoft's console
'Batman vs. Superman' Rules Comic-Con
A new poll shows that the forthcoming superhero film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was the most popular film at the San Diego Comic-Con
'Assassin's Creed: Unity' Shows Expert Parkour Promotion
Another great parkour video for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series emerges, featuring the French FreeRun Family in action
Reddit Advertising Plan Takes a Chance
Popular web site Reddit may be looking to "grow up" in an effort to make a profit, but it risks losing its audience in gaining revenue
Android Projector Up On Indiegogo
The TouchPico projector could practically turn any surface into an interactive Android touchscreen
This Week's [a]list Jobs - July 30th
[a]listdaily brings you more weekly job listings - this week Riot Games, Kabam, Tumblr and more are hiring!
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