5 Super Powerful Lessons 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is Teaching Hollywood
What Hollywood is learning from this summer's blockbuster of unlikely heroes>
Snacks Add Virtual Goods For a Tasty Promotion
Mountain Dew and Doritos want gamers to fuel up for Activision's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Game Trailers Ramping Up For PAX
A new Pokémon fighting game and Lego Batman trailer are amongst the highlights
Fanta Makes Digital Comedy Series With Vines
Coca-Cola’s Fanta is sponsoring and co-creating a digital comedy series called "Fanta For The Funny"  
Canadian Cable Giants Unwrap Netflix Rival
Shomi, a new subscription streaming service is designed to take Netflix head on
Taco Bell Sees 80 Percent Engagement Rates on Snapchat
Eighty percent of Taco Bell's 200,000 followers are electing to watch the brand's elaborate posts 
Some Sony Owners Switched From Previous Systems
A new Nielsen reports indicate that a third of Sony's PS4 owners switched from the competition
Microsoft Preparing DeLorean Cloud Gaming Service
Microsoft's new initiative for cloud-based gaming could be the best yet, especially if it lives up to its "lag free" moniker
WhatsApp Shows 600 Million Active Users
The Facebook-owned social app has reached a rather high audience
Can You Build Your Own Holodeck?
All you need is an iPad Mini and some savvy, and you could create the future
This Week's [a]list Jobs - August 27th
We're bringing you this week's hottest listings: Showtime, Paramount, Mattel and more are hiring!
New Apples Are Ripe For Gaming
Soon new iPhones and iPads will be announced, the impact on gaming is significant
The Rise of Native Ads and The Importance of Being Human
In light of major investment interest in Buzzfeed, where does native advertising go from here?
5Qs with Vine Star Princess Lauren on Her Latest Brand Deal
The Vine creator talks about being hilarious in a matter of six seconds
Firefox Marketplace Reaches 5,000 Apps
With a strong app store in the works, Mozilla’s Firefox Marketplace is looking to use crowd-curation for its apps
Adweek's and Shareablee's Instagram Video Weekly Chart Returns
Checkout 10 Branded Instagram Videos That Beat All Competitors  
Madden's Monstrous Marketing Advantage
The arrival of Madden NFL 15 opens up new possibilities for football fans
Amazon Officially Acquires Twitch
Amazon has picked up the popular streaming channel for $970 million
Tinyloot Ready To Pay Mobile Players?
The app publisher could dish out cash for those who play its free-to-play games
Top 25 Apps Revolve Around Millennials
Social apps and popular games are huge draws for this audience
PC Sales Back On the Rise
An article talks about why PC sales are growing, and tablet sales are "crashing"
Why Helsinki Is a Hotbed For Hit Games
Former Remedy and Rovio exec Petri Jarvilaehto is building a new gaming and entertainment property with Best Fiends
The Oculus Rift Is Coming To Hollywood
Hollywood studios and directors are contemplating integrating virtual reality into future movies, allowing actual interaction within the film    
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