After weeks of speculation, Activision finally laid the rumors to rest by revealing that a new Call of Duty is coming this fall… and this time, it will take players to the reaches of space.

The publisher revealed a trailer for the game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare today, introducing a new futuristic setting to the series (even more so than last year’s Black Ops III), as players will be able to head into space to do battle with a faction referred to as The Settlement Defense Front.

The company has already begun to build massive hype for the sequel, and is expecting it to sell into the millions, as previous entries in the Call of Duty series have done. To entice hardcore fans to pre-order, Activision is offering a free copy of the high-definition remastered version of the best-selling 2007 game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to all those who pick up the game early.

Infinity Ward, the game’s developer, took to Twitch earlier today, to discuss some of the details of the sequel and answer questions. However, this just continued the hype that started over the weekend, which began with hints included in the Nuk3town multiplayer map in Black Ops III. The inserts included propaganda images from Infinite Warfare, and snippets of footage featuring a dangerous new baddie on the horizon, as well as Lt. Reyes (a character looking for assistance in battling the Settlement) featured on video monitors throughout the level. Many Call of Duty fans made note of the footage, anticipating the sequel’s official announcement this week.

In addition, Activision took on a clever campaign using Facebook Messenger, where users could interact with a chatbot acting as Reyes, who asks them to crack a special code in order to get assets from Infinite Warfare. It was a big hit, with many commenting on social media about how assets could be unlocked, and how Reyes could grow annoyed if they asked too many questions. The campaign has been a huge success thus far, with six million gamers taking part in the promotion — indicating that chatbots could be a factor in future game promotions with other companies.

This is just the beginning of Infinite Warfare‘s promotion, as the game will receive a massive push leading into its release later this year with many events, including tie-ins with the forthcoming Call of Duty Championship, as well as a potential fan-based event that could be in the works this fall. Sony has also noted that Infinite Warfare will be playable at its booth at E3 next month, since Activision won’t have major presence on the show floor.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare releases on November 4 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.