While this week is certainly busy with the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Apple is making quite waves of its own with its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week. For those who missed it, here’s a quick wrap-up of the keynote from this week’s event:

Access To Siri For App Developers

With the utilization of Siri, app developers will now have access to better services. Considering that the service obtains about two billion requests per day, they can definitely use such technology to their advantage.

Additions To TVOS

With over 1,300 channels to its credit already and 6,000 apps, Apple continues to expand on this service with the addition of Fox Sports Go, Dish’s Sling and French TV service Molotov. A new TV remote app is also set to be introduced, making it much easier for users to navigate specific services.

Small Revamps

Conventional services like Photos, Messages and Maps are getting small upgrades, ones that make the services a little more conventional to use. Photos will resemble closer now to Google Photos in terms of usage; Messages will introduce a number of helpful tools to make messages livelier (like balloons and confetti); and Maps will provide better usage in terms of rides booked and restaurant reservations.

Apple Music Has Discover Playlist

With Discover services on Apple Music, users can now find their favorite artists with better ease, as well as set up a “discovery mix” based on their individual tastes. Daily curated mixes will also be introduced, to keep particular choices from growing stale.

Apple News Now Supports Subscriptions

Apple News, with over 2,000 publications and 60 million readers, now has a new design, as well as the ability to support subscriptions across the board, including categories like Top News and Sports.

New iOS Updates

A number of big updates are part of the latest addition to iOS, including new looks for Maps and Music, along with stronger emphasis on 3D Touch support.

The Debut of Apple Pay On the Web

Finally, Apple Pay will become much easier for consumers to use, including better TouchID Authentication and being able to pay for services through Safari.

These and a number of other great features are on the way, and Apple is likely to have more revealed as WWDC continues onward this week.

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