Consumers already know how dependable virtual assistants can be, using their mobile devices to find information with the help of Siri, Cortana and other assistants. Now car manufacturer BMW wants to get in on the action with its own specialized app.

The BMW connected app for iPhone was announced during this week’s Microsoft Build event, which will serve as an always-on assistant for drivers, according to Engadget. The tool is meant to assist on-the-go drivers with setting up appointments, providing notifications for traffic, and more.

While many apps can already perform these functions, BMW’s ConnectedDrive app will pair up directly with its vehicles. As such, it’ll learn from driving routines so it can give directions and tips for the route, along with performing other functions like accessing door locks, flashing lights, or starting it up so that it warms on a cold winter day.

BMW also promised that it will update its ConnectedDrive app with continuous features, although it didn’t detail what would be coming yet.

It’s too early to tell at this point if BMW’s app will be as effective as the popular Siri or Cortana, but it’s a promising move by the automaker. It could be a feature that resonates well with consumers looking to pair up their devices for the ultimate convenience and driving experience.