Claire Atkin and Nandini Jammi are the Co-founders of Check My Ads Institute, but you may have heard of them before. Claire writes the popular newsletter Branded, which breaks major stories about the advertising industry’s ties to disinformation and hate groups. Nandini previously Co-founded Sleeping Giants, the social media campaign that led advertisers to flee from Breitbart. Both are passionate about combating disinformation and marketing issues.

In this episode, Nandini, Claire, and I discuss the Check My Ads Institute, its importance, and its impact on marketers. Claire and Nandini are passionate about making marketers aware of the problem they face with ad fraud. It is in every one of our ecosystems, and marketers have to do the hard work to get out in front of it and stop supporting things like disinformation. Listen to learn much more about brand safety and how to become a member of their nonprofit.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Combating hate speech in ads
  • Where disinformation stems from
  • What is brand safety

Key Highlights:

  • [01:38] Where Nandini and Claire got their start
  • [03:00] Nandini and the Breitbart scandal 
  • [09:30] Claire’s crisis of inaction
  • [12:05] Why Claire and Nandini started Check My Ads
  • [14:04] The struggle with ad tech
  • [16:08] Facebook and disinformation 
  • [19:47] How Check My Ads combats disinformation 
  • [23:09] Partnering with Check My Ads 
  • [26:40] Where should marketers start? 
  • [27:37] Brand safety laundering
  • [30:45] Future plans for Check My Ads
  • [33:02] The experiences that define Nandini and Claire
  • [35:28] Advice to their younger selves 
  • [37:03] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketers

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