Teresa Barreira is the CMO at Publicis Sapient where she works to transform businesses in the constantly evolving world.

In this episode, Teresa and I discuss her path to becoming CMO at Publicis Sapient, the new internship program she’s launched, and why she believes that diversity and inclusion are not only HR functions.

Along with her passion for D&I awareness, Teresa is passionate about transforming businesses. In her eyes, an organization should be like an operating room, constantly evolving and gleaning expertise and counsel from the experts in the room to accomplish a goal. Marketing plays a large role in driving that change. She says, “marketing is not just about telling a story or managing the brand. It is now about transforming the business.”

Listen to the full conversation to learn how you can also defend, differentiate, and disrupt within your organization and industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why content is the king and queen of a service company
  • Why diversity and inclusion doesn’t only belong in HR
  • Digital business transformation: defend, differentiate, and disrupt

Key Highlights:

  • [01:35] Growing up in Portugal and coming to the States
  • [03:38] From medical student to CMO
  • [07:16] What Teresa loves about the services division
  • [09:25] Selling a service as well as the people 
  • [10:30] Lessons learned by being your authentic self
  • [15:40] Publicis Sapient’s internship program
  • [22:11] Diversity and Inclusion is a company-wide endeavor
  • [26:34] An organization should be an operating room
  • [28:00] What is a digital business transformation 
  • [32:22] Transforming McDonald’s
  • [37:00] What Teresa says is today’s biggest opportunity for marketers

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