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Noah Eichen and Matt Bretz, both of whom are creative directors at Ayzenberg, sat down to discuss the potential behind augmented reality.

The two started right away by discussing “mixed reality,” grouping both AR and VR together. Talking about the experience from the Halo demo at E3 last month, Eichen explained, “I would say the sensation is like grabbing a person out of the world . . . moving them where you want, finding the right plane where they look like they’re standing in front of you, and then having their action play out. You’re just sort of witnessing that through this headset.”

“[Microsoft HoloLens] is the one device on the market that’s completely untethered,” explained Bretz. “So you don’t have to have it connected to a phone or a PC and you can be in the real world, mixed with the things that you’re adding as holograms, so that you can continue to be working on your PC or talking to someone.”

Filmmaking was also talked about, as Eichen explained the challenge of the tech: “When I first tried it, what I started thinking about was . . . if I could imagine in a couple of years, when we want to make a commercial with CG characters or real-life actors . . . and they’re placing actors and timing out shots, and everyone can visualize . . . we can all see the holographic world they’re building. And to me, that’s really an interesting way of looking at it.”