Adding a personal touch to advertising is a unique way to reach out to customers, but some marketers feel that technology is helping lead the charge when it comes to embracing personalization. A new report from eMarketer suggests that it may be catching on more than expected.

Attitudes towards personalization, at least amongst certain types of marketers, shows that technology is being better utilized when it comes to personalizing to scale. The chart below shows that 76 percent agree that it’s becoming quite helpful, while only four percent disagree with the statement. Meanwhile, personalization is more preferred than contextualization (51 percent to 41 percent), and personally identifiable information seems to be preferred when it comes to nailing down personalization.

Report 12816

The report also pointed out the leading benefits when it came to getting personalized content figured out on a technological front. 56 percent of marketers believe that the highest factor belongs to higher response and engagement rates, indicating that social media could play a big part in it. Other things to consider include timelier interactions (47 percent), greater customer affinity and word-of mouth (44 percent) and conversion of more customers (43 percent).

Report 2 012816

We’ll be keeping an eye out for companies that are using personalization to great effect in 2016.