Sometimes, all it takes for better album sales is a strong marketing campaign and the right kind of social outreach. According to an Instagram-commissioned study by Nielson (via Adweek), which included more than 3,000 Instagram users, the photo and sharing platform is the most popular social network for connecting fans with their favorite bands.

The study also shows that 42 percent of Instagram users are more likely to spend money on music than general consumers. Additionally, those who follow particular bands spend twice as much on music compared to those using other social media apps.

It also noted that users spend an additional 30 percent more time listening to music on a weekly basis, particularly in the categories of R&B, rap, hip hop and pop.

Instagram has become a big portal for performers to connect with their fans, not only by posting pictures from performances, but also video. There’s a deep connection with that, and one that goes beyond just words on other social sites.

But brands shouldn’t immediately follow suit if a performer makes a big splash on Instagram. “It’s important that advertisers form relationships with musicians who are the right fit for their brands,” analyst David Deal said about the study. “Choose wisely. If your brand is edgy, find edgy musicians to work with. If your brand is about being friendly and accessible, find a crowd pleaser. Don’t make the mistake of getting in bed with musicians just because they are popular or cool–you’ll look phony if you do.”

Venues can also benefit greatly from the platform’s popularity, according to Jim Squires, Instagram’s director of market operations. He states an example where the House of Blues ran 13 days of direct-response ads on Instagram in an effort to boost ticket sales for a show. As a result, the campaign managed to draw a 64 percent higher ROI than previous attempts.

“The idea with creative on the platform, especially with music creative, is to communicate that feeling of being at the show,” Squires added.

An infographic complemented the study by breaking down additional details from the report. Social media at live events is huge, with 83 percent of users preferring Instagram over other platforms. The report also details how music fans on Instagram have increased across the board compared to general consumers who attend various music activities like live concerts with one main headliner (39 percent compared to 23 percent), going to musical theater/opera shows (24 percent compared to 16 percent) and going to music festivals (22 percent compared to 11 percent).

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