Laura Hutfless operates at the intersection of brands and culture makers. She works with founders with passion and brands with a purpose, helping them use ad dollars to drive change, understand where their consumers are, and leverage those spaces to change perceptions and earn trust.

In this episode, Laura and I discuss the difference between creating culture versus chasing culture, integrating versus interrupting, the importance of having a two-way exchange with consumers, and why marketers need to lean into Web3.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How consumers and pop culture need to guide marketing plans
  • Why clients come to FlyteVu
  • The importance of building community, not just follower counts

 Key Highlights

  • [01:40] Becoming a new mom
  • [04:10] Laura’s path to founding FlyteVu
  • [06:30] Why brands need to connect to consumers through pop culture
  • [08:00] Starting with the headline you want to create and work out from there
  • [09:00] Examples of what Flyvu clients are looking for
  • [12:00] What brands should be focused on regarding culture
  • [15:00] Power of having partners who are aligned with brands values
  • [16:30] How marketing leaders should approach marketing
  • [17:20] Why FlyteVu is moving into web3
  • [18:30] Web3 educational workshop series
  • [20:50] What is Fv Incubator
  • [24:25] Underlying purpose to why Laura launched FlyteVu
  • [27:45] The power of the FlyteVu Fund
  • [30:00] Do you need a big budget to make a big impact?
  • [32:20] A story speaking to the power of imaginative deals
  • [33:55] How a sudden loss impacted Laura’s worldview
  • [38:00] Laura advice to her younger self
  • [39:20] Brands Laura thinks people need to take notice of
  • [41:30] How being encumbered by the process is a threat to marketers

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