Over the last year, we’ve seen a rise in various advertising trends. Among them is programmatic video, in which advertisers and publishers are able to put their content front and center for consumers visiting certain sites.

According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, digital video ad spending has been on the rise, increasing 41 percent for this year alone. Overall spending in this department is likely to reach $5.89 billion by year’s end, if it continues at this rate.

Still, that doesn’t mean everyone has the process of programmatic video nailed down just yet, as they can’t find the right approach at times. Fortunately, Tremor Video is here to help, producing a useful infographic (posted below) that breaks down just how programmatic video can be used most effectively.

Titled Path of the Publisher, the infographic has a lot to take in, but it’s certainly food for thought. As you can see, it’s broken down as a chart that goes over every degree, from how much video ads could cost to statistics that break down just how many younger viewers (specifically 18-29 years old) watch or download online video. (Hint: it’s a whopping 95 percent.)

The chart then goes even further, asking about reserved inventory and how much time is spent daily watching digital video (55 minutes, a 6 minute increase from four years ago).

From there, it gets into the nitty gritty, breaking up categories even more with the options available for programmatic video options, such as finding an unreserved fixed rate, and taking part in an auction.

It’s worth noting, according to the statistics, that video RTB will account for nearly 25 percent of U.S. online video ad spend for this year alone, and over half of publishers of video content actually make inventory available directly through programmatic channels.