Facebook Will Pause Political Donations For At Least Three Months Following Siege On US Capitol

Business Insider

Facebook said it will stop donations to political parties for at least three months after pro-Trump supporters raided the US capitol, which caused Facebook to suspend President Donald Trump’s account indefinitely.

Why it matters: The move comes after JP Morgan and Citibank said they’d temporarily cut off donations for the same reason. Others such as Dow, Marriott and Morgan Stanley plan to pause donations specifically to GOP lawmakers who objected to confirming Joe Biden as president.

The Corporate Center: Driving The Next Normal

McKinsey & Company

In its latest survey of 300 global chief experience officers, McKinsey found that cost management remains the highest priority across all parts of organization. In addition, 90 percent of corporate-center executives believe the corporate center will be a driver of change for the rest of the company.

Why it matters: Transformational work in the corporate center can serve as a guiding light for the entire company.

Influencer Impact Increased By 57 Percent In 2020


A new report from Klear found that despite a 19 percent decline in the use of #ad in 2020, sponsored posts saw an average of 7,806 impressions, whereas in 2019 they averaged 4,827 impressions—a 57 percent increase.

Why it matters: Sponsored content on TikTok and Instagram Stories surged in 2020, as did the number of Gen Z-generated #ad content.

The Breach Of The U.S. Capitol Was A Breach Of Trust

Harvard Business Review

Trust is based on four tenets including competence, motives, fair means and impact. The violent attack on the US Capitol exhibits the cracks in all four of these.

Why it matters: To regain the nation’s confidence, government leaders can communicate a unified message that attacks on the Capitol are unacceptable, punish the guilty and immediately impeach Trump via the 25th Amendment.

Ad Age Best Places To Work 2021

Ad Age

For companies with over 200 employees, Ad Age’s third annual ‘Best Places to Work’ ranked PMG as the best place to work, followed by Mediaocean in second, Goodway Group in third, Tinuiti in fourth and Crossmedia in fifth. Among companies with 200 or less employees, Ad Age ranked Grow Enrollment as the best place to work, followed by InfoTrust, RBA, Closed Loop and XX Artists as fifth.

Why it matters: Winners reflect the high overall numerical scores based on survey responses from employers and their employees on six key areas: company culture, company environment, employee benefits, employee development, employee engagement and employee perks.