Benchmark Study Reveals Social Has Moved Centre Stage In The Marketing Mix

The Drum

The Business Value of Social surveyed 230 brands for its “Immediate Future” benchmark study, which found that 55 percent are tailoring some of their content by social media platform, while a similar amount are creating content based on consumer behaviors and interests.

Why it matters: Despite social’s major influence on marketing, only a third of brands linked social goals to those of the business, with 54.5 percent saying their leading objective is brand awareness. In addition, 43 percent of brands spend under 10 percent of their marketing budget on paid social.

Pandemic Purchase Patterns Shake Up Holiday Performance Marketing Campaigns


Data from Cardyltics show that spending at brick-and-mortar stores is down just 14 percent year-over-year, leaving in-store shopping as the top conversion location.

Why it matters: According to transactions from Cardyltics’ 157 million bank customers, nearly 75.2 percent of 2019 holiday spend occurred in physical stores. And while online spend increased 25 percent YoY during the pandemic, many online shoppers have stayed loyal to store brands.

The North Face Announces ‘Reset Normal’ Partnership With Lena Waithe To Address Inequity In The Outdoors


As part of its global initiative, “Reset Normal,” The North Face has partnered with Lena Waithe and Jimmy Chin to help create scalable solutions that address inequity in the outdoors.

Why it matters: Communities of color are three times more likely to live in nature-deprived places and often face racism when they do explore the outdoors.

Verizon Unveils 5G Football Experience In NFL App

Mobile Marketer

Verizon’s new “5G SuperStadium” experience in the NFL app gives football fans access to live stats, various camera angles on the field and an augmented reality (AR) feature that lets them create video overlays of favorite players. The experience requires the new 5G iPhone 12 and a subscription to Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband.

Why it matters: The initiative is part of Verizon’s larger effort to help the NFL write a new digital playbook as the brand turns on 5G in 13 stadiums.

Strengthening Institutional Risk And Integrity Culture

McKinsey & Company

To improve your risk and integrity culture—which refers to the mindsets and behavioral norms that determine how a company identifies and manages risk—you must first diagnose the current state then establish detailed definitions to set goals and measure progress. A key tool for obtaining a broad measure of your risk culture is a dedicated organization-wide survey.

Why it matters: McKinsey has found that those organizations with a mature risk and integrity culture outperform peers through economic cycles and are less likely to suffer from repetitional difficulties and operational mistakes.

Ayzenberg Partners With LA Promise Fund To Host Virtual Career Day For High School Students


Ayzenberg partnered with nonprofit organization LA Promise Fund on a virtual career day to educate more than 75 students from South Los Angeles’ Santee Education Complex about careers in design and advertising.

Why it matters: The racial diversity gap within the marketing and advertising industry remains an issue. In a 2018 survey that the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) fielded among its 13,700 members, just eight percent identified as Hispanic/Latino and six percent as African American/black.