Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends including “ultra-fast” delivery demand and year-end lists.


Developing a new future with Doja. Doja Cat and Girls Who Code collab to bring the first-ever codable music video to life. The interactive coding tutorial allows users to play along without prior coding experience. In a step to show new generations of girls and women the vast opportunities a tech career can encompass, the move underscores a shift towards leaning into Dictionary.com’s word of the year—“allyship.” The future of brands relies on meaningful and mindful partnerships, and the next generation is taking notes.


The delivery demand continues. Accustomed to convenient and consistent delivery that never misses the mark, consumers are looking for even faster delivery times. DoorDash has taken note and is now introducing “ultra-fast” deliveries in New York City alongside a full-time employment model to handle the deliveries. The tension between sustainability, convenience, and ownership is on full display. To succeed, brands will need to shed old strategies and shine a light on brand-specific innovation as there is no one-size-fits-all model for the digital age.


A recent MSL and The Influencer League study shows a 29% pay gap between white and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) influencers and a 35% pay gap between white and Black influencers. The influencer space continues to grow at a colossal rate, and if not quelled, the discrepancies will continue if not widened. As influencers find their footing and their voice within the ever-changing vertical, the demands for transparency and equity continue. A tide is turning, and the onus should not fall on these individuals to reimagine the space, so agencies and industries must recognize their hands regarding the issues and forge a new way forward.


Marching into the Metavearth. Snap rolls out its “layers” feature on Snap Map that adds dimension to any experience. The first two layers include Explore, which allows users to see what others are up to, and Memories which will enable users to revisit specific places where previous Snap memories were made. Although some say Snap may be a thing of the past, the continued global connectivity is ushering in a new future.


A year in review for all of you. From Google to GrubHub, Tinder, and now Instagram, everyone can see how their year stacked up in bite-sized and shareable pieces. The exciting yet straightforward form of publication has become increasingly personalized. Customers want customization, and brands will have to meet them as expectations evolve. One foreseeable roadblock, however, will be privacy.